Google Photos “lock folder” feature launched to non-Pixel smartphones

As it promise, Google Photos started rolling out the lock folder feature to Samsung and other non-Pixel phones, Sam Car There are reports. The idea is that it keeps your most private photos away from your main image collection and offline, as well. So far, it’s only available on Pixel 3 or higher devices, but now it’s also rolling out to older Pixel models. edge famous.

Locked folders get instantly mark “Nude storage folder” when first launched as an expert Google IO 2021 in May. Whether you have these photos or other sensitive photos, it will store them in a password or biometric safe location so that children, friends or others will not accidentally discover them.

To use this feature, just launch Google Photos, go to “Library”, and then go to the “Utilities” section at the top. If you have an update around November 29th, click the feature and it should appear in the card.

It works well for me on Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold3 devices, and Android Center According to reports, it also appeared on Oppo and OnePlus devices. If you decide to use it, please remember that your photos will not be backed up to the cloud, so if you delete Google Photos or wipe/lost your smartphone, they will disappear.Google has more information about this feature here.

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