Google may actually be making a real Pixel watch

Photo of a smart watch running an older version of Wear OS

Will Pixel Watch equipped with Wear OS become a competitor of Apple Watch? Android is missing?
Photo: Victoria Song/Gizmodo

The rumor factory has been teasing Android users for years The possibility of an Android smart watch made by Google, a new report suggests that it may eventually happen.

According to one Inside story report, Google is developing a smartwatch under the Pixel brand instead of Fitbit, and many people speculate that this may happen later Google acquires Fitbit It was completed earlier this year. This means that the watch is likely to be Google’s Pixel smartphone demonstrates the capabilities of Google’s software to other Android phone manufacturers.

According to reports, tThis smart watch is called “Rohan” in Google’s office, okay! It is round, not square like Apple Watch, and has no physical borders. It is expected that this watch will provide basic fitness functions-Tracking functions, such as the number of steps And a heart Rate monitor, and other functions provided by FitbitThe Insider report refers to a specific Fitbit integration through a product called “Nightlight”, which is another internal code name, which tells us almost nothing about what it might do.

It is unclear whether this watch Will be called Pixel Watch. The codename “Roman” was also tossed around several times Leaker Just like Jon Prosser disclose What claims to be Google’s smart watches were presented as early as April (though who knows if these are legal).

In the past few years, Google has been carrying out large-scale reforms in its wearable device department.It gained some fossilTechnology Then bought FitAlthough it is Pixel watch It seemed inevitable at a certain moment, but the watch never materialized. Recently, Google Rename Wear OS software based on Android platform and with Samsung moves the latter watch from a proprietary operating system back to Wear OS. You can now experience the new Wear OS on certain smart watches, including Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Watch sales are helpful Increase Android’s wearable device market share in the past few months.

But all this is still not enough to move the needle to the desired position.Google must provide something unique and Apple Watch, Has been dominating the market and promoting Smart watches only from mobile phone accessories Enter mature health equipment.

Google may rely heavily on what its data can do for your health and fitness. In September, the company disbanded its health department, but it sounded more like a reorganization when implementing other health programs. Rick Osterloh, head of hardware at Google Mentioned on Google I/O this year (And then in an interviewHe and edge) The company will integrate its consumer health efforts into Fitbit so that it can “grow and unite together.” I hope they are weaving Android A smart watch that is truly worth wearing.

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