Google makes it easier to find search results from Reddit and other forums

Google has made it easier to find search results from Reddit and other forum sites. The search engine is adding a new module that will display discussions taking place on web forums for queries that might benefit from crowdsourcing answers.

The Discussions and Forums module will display relevant posts from sites like Reddit and Quora as well as more traditional search results. It’s unclear how Google determines the best search types for forum posts. The company said the new “forum” results will “appear when you search for things that might benefit from a variety of personal experiences found in online discussions”.

The feature is already available in the US for mobile search. Google didn’t specify when it would be more widely available, but said they would consider an update in the future.

Google is also adding a new feature to news-related searches that will make it easier to browse international headlines published in languages ​​other than English. With this change, news-related searches will also show relevant local stories translated by Google.


The company cited the recent earthquake in Mexico as an example. With the update, search results will also show “News from Mexico,” which will highlight local media reports that were originally written in Spanish but translated into English. Of course, Google Chrome and other browsers are already capable of translating web pages. But Google said boosting stories from international media directly in search would help provide “new global perspectives” on important stories.

The feature, currently marked as beta, will initially be able to translate Spanish, French and German titles and stories into English, although the beta designation means Google may add more languages ​​over time.

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