Google borrows TikTok to keep Gen Z searching

In July, the The Google executive who oversees the company’s lucrative and dominant search engine made a surprising admission.Young users are shifting the problem that once naturally flowed to the iconic search box Social networkPrabhakar Raghavan once Forbes Conference. As an example of where to go for lunch: Google Research It was found that nearly 40% of 18- to 24-year-olds would answer this question through Instagram or TikTok rather than Google Search or Maps.

Today, Google announced changes to its Search and Maps to include more images and videos in search results — including from TikTok. These updates are designed to win over the way Gen Z starts looking for lunch or something.

They’re the latest example of one of the tech industry’s hottest recent trends, with companies like Snap, Meta, and Twitter all in the mix. complainpraise and sometimes copy Short video application.Even Google’s search results page, one of the most enduring designs on the internet, is irresistible The power of TikTok.

A change from Google will bring a feature called Explore to the Google mobile app. It displays search results in continuously scrolling tiles that display photos and videos more akin to a social media feed than a list of links.Explore will include Instagram and TikTok videos and YouTube Shorts, a 60-second video app created by Google in 2020. Google VP Kathy Edwards describes it as designed to help people find inspiration, rather than facts or specific answers to questions.

“We know there’s a class of users who really like the results they see on TikTok, and I think part of that is because TikTok lowers the barriers to entry for content creation, so there’s some really good content out there,” Edwards said. “We’re looking for more ways to include it in our search results.”

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The Discover feature will initially be available on the iPhone and will be limited to travel and tourism-related searches. Search for “Oaxaca, Mexico,” and suggested topics in the search results might include live music or Aztec ruins. The Explore feature will be available in English in the coming months.

In today’s update, Google’s most definitive answer to the Gen Z lunch scene may be a new Google Maps feature called Neighborhood Vibe. It provides an at-a-glance view of community trends, displaying landmarks and photos from business reviews on a local map. Christopher Phillips, vice president of Google Maps, said younger users have inspired a more intuitive approach that makes it faster and easier for both young and old to digest information. Philips said Neighborhood Vibe will use a combination of human decision-making and algorithms to determine what content to show in a specific area at any time.A Google spokesperson said Neighborhood Vibe did not take into account Location data collected by Google Determine from the user when the business is busy.

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Google also announced other search updates unrelated to TikTok. They include a section on their results page dedicated to recommendations from forums and sites like Reddit, the ability to take a photo of a dish to search where it can be found near you, and an augmented reality mode in Google Maps, which can Covering list stations like public transport and ATMs to your phone’s live view of the world.

Google’s previous near-monopoly on search queries faces a new threat.Amazon, which started cannibalizing Google’s shopping search traffic years ago, is now the first Most people in America Check it out when you start shopping online. In 2018, concerns about the potential impact on Google’s business led to Morgan Stanley analyst recommendations Google gives users free family mini Smart speakers help maintain their market dominance.The suggestion may seem outlandish, but Google has shown a willingness to spend heavily to support its flagship service, paying Apple billions of dollars annually Keep the default search engine on the iPhone – Claimants in class action The filing earlier this year said it would amount to paying an annual fee to stay away from the search engine business.

In addition to competition from TikTok, Google Search could soon be reshaped by US or EU antitrust rules.The EU has fined the company millions of dollars for advertising its own shopping service in search results, and Increased scrutiny of platforms deemed self-tradingAn antitrust law under consideration by some members of the U.S. Congress would prohibit dominant digital platforms from prioritizing their own products.The bill faces narrow passage Before power is handed over to the new Congress in January, but if it becomes law, it could change the way Google products and services appear in search results and could limit the extent to which Google recommends YouTube Shorts over Instagram and TikTok.

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