Google and Facebook issue vaccine directives for office workers

With countless offices preparing to reopen this fall, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the specific details, that is, whether employees need to be vaccinated. Technology companies are now one of the first employers to have a clear position: if employees want to return to the office, they need to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Google and Facebook-the two largest technology companies in the world-announced on Wednesday They will require all employees returning to the US office to be vaccinated. Google was the first to announce this at the beginning of the day, and a few hours later, Facebook followed suit.When the news came, the U.S. government Efforts to vaccinate the adult population (Currently, less than half of eligible Americans have received a dose of the vaccine), and as more people are vaccinated, cases across the country are rising. Infectious delta variation spread. So far, President Biden has not imposed federal authorization for the vaccine, which makes employers mainly pressure if they want employees to avoid Covid-19.

The technology company is Some of the earliest workplaces Employees are required to work from home in the early stages of the pandemic. These companies are now one of the first major employers in the private sector to force employees to be vaccinated before returning. Companies outside the technology industry may follow suit.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said: “I hope that with the reopening of the office, these measures will give everyone more peace of mind.” Write in the blog Release requirements. Google also postponed the date for employees to return to the office from September to October at the earliest, citing concerns about the delta version. Google also allows about 20% of employees to work from home permanently, and 60% of employees work in person for several days a week.

Lori Goler, Vice President of Facebook People, issue a statement Say that any company employee working in a US office needs to be vaccinated. Both Google and Facebook have stated that they will develop procedures for those who cannot be vaccinated due to medical or other reasons. “We will continue to work with experts to ensure that our resumption plan prioritizes everyone’s health and safety,” Goler wrote in a partial statement.

Under federal law, it is legal for employers to require employees to be vaccinated.court Cases recently thrown go through People try to sue Hospitals and universities that need vaccines.

The headquarters of Google and Facebook are also located in Silicon Valley, which is a geographical area One of the highest vaccination rates in the countryBut these companies are global companies, employing employees that span political and vaccine hesitation.

According to a Google source, at Google, although most of the employees who have joined the company’s listing service so far seem to support the vaccine regulations, some employees have complained about the effectiveness of the vaccine and whether Google has the right to request vaccination. vaccine.

Considering the degree of politicization of vaccines in the United States, Many conservative leaders have been slow to support vaccination and Raise vaccine suspicion, It is likely that there will be more resistance.

Nonetheless, these major technology companies once again set the tone for how American companies adjust their working conditions to suit the reality. The pandemic continues.

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