Good for fame: Q&A with actress, singer and reality star Rachel Bradshaw

How long have you not eaten gluten? What are your favorite gluten-free desserts or snacks?

For more than three years, I have been gluten free I never feel better! If I want sweets, I will make dark chocolate and oatmeal self-baked biscuits. They are very delicious and actually very healthy, or I would make garlic hummus with fresh vegetables.I’m really mean Gluten-Free Lasagna That is outside of this world! I like to make all kinds of chicken dishes and certain risotto or sweet potato situations. I like delicious butter lettuce salads and homemade dressings.

Take us through your daily exercise.

I am a brand spokesperson Hot nest This is an infrared fitness studio franchise, it will kick your ass, but it will also make you feel good when you are done. I like Hot Yoga courses and Hot Core courses. The duration of the exercise is 30 minutes, and thanks to the infrared technology, you will feel great after the exercise. In the days when I was not in HotwoRX, I would run on a treadmill at an incline of 9.5 degrees for 45 minutes, and then put on my sports jacket, which is also a frequent place for me!There are 40 screws and two rods in my spinal fusion surgery Stretching exercises help my body strengthen as well as. Of course, I will give myself a few days off, because your body needs rest to strengthen muscles.


How did you become the first brand ambassador of HOTWORX? What is your favorite part of working with this brand?

To be honest, this is a bit accidental. I tried very hard to find a kind of exercise, I can do physical exercise without hurting myself and my back, but it has no effect. I tried everything-I mean everything. I stumbled upon HOTWORX because a friend recommended it to me, I tried it and fell in love with the concept and how my body transforms and heals. I will never forget that I attended a conference and touched my toe for the first time in almost two years. I started to cry, so I sent my testimony to CEO Stephen Smith via Instagram DM, but he did not expect him to respond. The rest is history! We established a partnership within a few weeks, and I am proud to be their ambassador.

Tell us more about your scoliosis journey and how the surgery affects your fitness program.

There is nothing to mess with scoliosis. It can be very harmful to the body, and more people have it than we thought. Mine is too painful, my spine looks like an “S” on the X-ray, and I cannot breathe, stand or sit for more than 30 minutes. This is a very fragile situation and I endured a lot of pain before I gritted my teeth and took action. I was born with this genetic disease…My dad, grandma, and the uncle around my dad are very sick, so when I found out that I had this disease, I was not surprised. It greatly affected my fitness plan because my body is very limited. No running or weightlifting, this is why I fell in love with HotwoRX, because it can do the job without harming the body.

Terry Bradshaw’s daughter Rachel Bradshaw performs yoga with Hotworx

What is the best part of working with your family and filming “The Bradshaw Bunch”?

I grew up with a father who always worked hard to support his family, but that also meant not spending as much family time as we always hoped. It’s great to be able to spend so many good times with them now, because we can finally make up for any lost time, and then some! I like shooting it, we had a great time!

How are you going to spend the holiday this year?

I will relax and enjoy each other’s time with the whole family in Texas.US Make it big at christmas And there are so many interesting traditions, so when the holidays approach, I always feel like a dizzy kid! A lot of cooking and playing cards, we go fishing, we watch movies, light a fire, and relax. My sister Irene will give birth to her first child anytime now, so this Christmas we will be here to enjoy fresh happiness, it will be very interesting!

In addition to shooting with your dad Terry Bradshaw, you also created and recorded your new Christmas single “Christmas To Me” with him. What’s that like?

This is so fun! I like Christmas. This is a special time for our family to get together, so I want to post something suitable for Christmas and our traditions as a family. I want a song that makes you feel warm and comfortable, so when I came up with this concept, I wrote it with my producer, Leland GrantAnd another brilliant songwriter Stephanie Smith, about an hour later. I sent it to dad and he loved it! We all went into the studio and let the camera shoot the whole process. Knowing my dad, we finally laughed and had a lot of fun. Everyone can see this season! It was a very special moment to record with my dad. I will never forget that experience.

Is there a favorite holiday “cheating meal” you are looking forward to?

I love me some Mung Bean Casserole!! My mother made me gluten-free and delicious! Since I am very strict with myself throughout the year, I will increase carbohydrates during the holidays, so this is really the time for me to enjoy myself and eat all the delicious food. My dad also smoked a beautiful ham, which is always great, and I like the Chex mixed festival that everyone makes. I usually have to hide my bag from me! I also like warm frosted sugar cookies…you just can’t beat it.

What are you most excited about in 2022? Where can we keep up with you?

I am a Instagram girl So you can always see what i’m going to do @racheltbradshaw! I will release more music at the end of the year, and I have some business investments we are making, which will be more obvious next year, and I can’t wait to share more. I am very happy to share all this with a very special new person in my life, so I am very happy to see what 2022 means to all of us!

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