Goerli’s final Ethereum merge test has just been completed.Here’s what to know

In a historic moment for the ethereum community, Goerli — one of the largest and most active ethereum test networks — conducted a “merge” on Wednesday night.

The actual merger is a multi-year upgrade to Ethereum that transforms the network from a proof-of-work consensus model to proof-of-stake, a process that promises to make the blockchain more efficient and consume more resources and less energy.

In preparation for this drastic change, developers ran many tests, but this latest one is different from the others: The Goerli testnet merger is Ethereum’s last — and most recent — before the merger happens on the so-called mainnet. Important – test run. everyone.In other words, it is a big trade.

Developers are watching the process soaring Welcome to pandas shown in the code – it’s a sign that the Goerli testnet merge is working. That said, it will take time for Ethereum developers to confirm if everything went smoothly or if there were any unforeseen issues with the testnet merger.

“We won’t really know until tonight or tomorrow [Goerli testnet] The merger was actually,” Superphiz, a pseudonymous developer, said during a live Zoom call of the Goerli testnet merger. “It doesn’t tell us success or failure.”

But now, with the Goerli testnet merger complete, Ethereum developers are in a better position to determine the likelihood of a successful mainnet upgrade.

The mainnet merger is expected to take place in September, but the date may change based on what developers have discovered following the Goerli testnet merger. Developers will likely discuss the Goerli testnet merger and set a date for the mainnet merger later this week.

Dima Buterin, father of ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, said: “I am delighted to see these final steps in completing ethereum’s proof-of-stake transition.” wealth. “It’s exciting that the second largest blockchain is reaching a point where it can reduce energy usage by about 99.95%.”

Dubbed by the Ethereum organization as “the most significant upgrade in the history of Ethereum,” the mainnet merger is a noble task – requiring a lot of effort, experimentation, and anticipation.

As mentioned, developers have merged on multiple testnets before Goerli. This is because testnets like Goerli are critical to blockchains, as developers use them to test upgrades before deploying to mainnet. Testnets are similar to their mainnet variants, allowing developers to check for bugs or security flaws – preventing those shortcomings from affecting the main blockchain once enabled.

“We saw pandas, which was interesting,” Superphiz said, but “right now, it’s really watching and waiting and seeing what the data looks like. We can’t evaluate the entire network until we look back.”

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