Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer begs the UN to release her from prison

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British socialite family Gisline Maxwell Filed a complaint with the United Nations just before she was tried Jeffrey Epstein Sex trading gang And asked for help to ensure her release from prison.

On Monday, human rights lawyers François Zimeray and Jessica Finelle announced that they are representing Maxwell’s siblings He also filed a lawsuit with the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.The document stated that 59-year-old Maxwell was subjected to “inhuman and degrading” conditions in the Brooklyn detention facility She was arrested, And her “continuous demonization in the media” has jeopardized her right to a fair trial.

“This is unprecedented discrimination. This discrimination is unprecedented: all her bail applications have been rejected, completely disregarding the security guarantees provided,” the Paris lawyer said in a press release. “It’s as if Gislain Maxwell is suffering the consequences of the US government’s failure to protect Jeffrey Epstein’s life and ensure his appearance in court.”

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The United Nations’ complaint was announced one week before Maxwell’s criminal trial, and was filed at Maxwell’s Daily mail, She claimed that the guards fed her maggot-infested food. Earlier, a Manhattan federal judge once again rejected Maxwell’s bail request.

Dissatisfaction is the latest wave in the Maxwell family’s public relations activities, portraying their international sisters as political prisoners or criminal justice advocates.As previously reported by The Daily Beast, the Maxwells Launched a website And Twitter dealt with to offset the large amount of negative publicity surrounding her criminal charges.

Prosecutors said that Maxwell purchased and sexually abused girls for Epstein in the 1990s and early 2000s. She was charged with six counts related to child sex trafficking, including conspiracy to induce minors to travel and engage in illegal sexual acts.she has Not guilty And firmly denied any wrongdoing.

The FBI arrested Maxwell in July 2020. About a year later, Epstein himself was indicted for molesting a girl in a MLM, and the financier committed suicide in a Manhattan jail while awaiting trial in August 2019 . Maxwell’s lawyers argued that the government made the socialite his scapegoat.

According to the indictment, Maxwell “first tried to be friends with Epstein’s victims, asking about their school and family, and taking them to go shopping or watch a movie with Epstein.” “After establishing a rapport with the victim, Maxwell will attempt to discuss sexual topics, undress in front of the victim, be present when the underage victim is undressed, and/or the indictment claiming that because of the involvement of the underage victim and Epstein The document added that Maxwell “helped the victim rest assured that there was an adult female present.”

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Zimeray and Finelle said in a statement that their human rights work is independent of Maxwell’s defense attorneys in the United States.However, allegations of abuse ensued Several months of similar claims Provided by the American lawyer of the heiress.

Zimeray and Finelle stated that the New York authorities violated the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Mandela Rules or the United Nations Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners. Their documents require the UN working group to “urging” the US government to release Maxwell and to “order an independent investigation of the circumstances leading to her arbitrary detention and take appropriate action against those who violated her rights.”

The United Nations complaint also claimed that Maxwell “has been a ruthless target for the media.” The document added: “It seems hard to imagine that prosecutors were not affected by as much public pressure as the media and social media networks in the pursuit of Gislain Maxwell.”

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