German Green Party agrees to join the new government Merkel will leave office

German Chancellor Angela MerkelThe era will officially end this week, as the curtain comes to an end on Monday for the new center-left coalition government led by the Minister of Finance. Olaf Schultz with his Social Democratic Party.

Mrs. MerkelSince taking office for the first time in 2005, prominent figures in German and European politics will step down after the new government is approved by the Bundestag on Wednesday.

Left-wing Green Party officials announced on Monday that ordinary members voted overwhelmingly to join the three-party government of the Social Democrats and the more conservative and pro-business Liberal Democrats at weekend rallies across the country.

About 86% of the Green Party members voted to join the new “Traffic Light Alliance”-an interpretation of the party’s iconic colors of red, yellow and green.

Annalena Belbok, co-chair of the Green Party, was appointed as the first female foreign minister in German history. Ms. Baerbock’s co-chair, Robert Habeck, will serve as the vice-principal. Schultz.

Balbok told reporters in Berlin on Monday: “We will form a strong new government, with a very strong and diverse cabinet, and voting will provide a strong impetus.”

Although Mr. Schultz Seen as a pair of safe hands, the ideology of the new government will be significantly higher than that under the leadership of his wife. Merkel, Who oversaw a series of “grand coalition” governments and she The center-right Christian Democratic Alliance is responsible.

The coalition partners spent more than two months hammering out a governing agenda after Mr. Schultz In late September, he won by a narrow majority.

Projects on the new government platform include: raising the minimum wage; promoting the promotion of renewable energy and integrating climate and economic policies; lowering the voting age to 16; and legalizing the use of recreational marijuana.

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