Geraldo Rivera: “If you are not vaccinated… you are an arrogant and selfish SOB”

When Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera appeared on a show on the network on Tuesday, he felt annoying and vulgar towards vaccine resistance.

Mr. Rivera told the co-host of the “five-member group” that people who are not vaccinated for COVID-19 are obliged to be tested “weekly” and should be marginalized by society.

“If you are not vaccinated… you are an arrogant and selfish SOB,” said Mr. Rivera, which aroused the outrage of Fox News viewers on social media.

He said people who refused to get vaccinated “should” be barred from entering restaurants, universities and businesses.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld asked for proof that “people are wandering around spreading diseases” and pointed out that many people cannot be vaccinated due to impaired immune systems.

Mr. Rivera downplayed the immunocompromised people to “a fraction of 1%” and said that almost all cases and deaths currently come from people who have not been vaccinated.

According to the tweet Collector Raw Story, many Fox News viewers expressed serious opposition to Mr. Rivera and responded to his vulgarity in a similar way.

“That arrogant, selfish SOB, Geraldo, can kiss my healthy unvaccinated butt,” one Twitter user replied, while another asked, “Does this apply to refusal to vaccinate? Biden’s illegal immigrants? Or just legal taxpayers?”

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