Game Of Truth, an NFT trading card game that makes money from games

Era7’s “Truth Game” Join GameFi and provide players with moderately competitive entertainment, thereby providing a way to earn income.

Blockchain technology is rapidly redefining the game industry by introducing economic incentive models.Currently, Metaverse is an industry estimated By 2025, the market value will reach 300 billion U.S. dollars. With the continuous expansion of the industry, games like Era7 have become the focus, bringing new and interesting innovations to the game industry.

Era 7 It is a game platform built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which combines TCG (trading card game) with fast-paced competitive games, as well as NFT-themed game earning functions.

As the economy driven by GameFi and NFT is the core of Era7 products, the project intends to further promote innovation, allowing players to experience the fun of games and benefit from the economic value provided by GameFi.

Meet the team and high-profile industry supporters

member Era 7 The core team is from Com2uS, NCsoft, Nexon, Netmarble and other well-known international game companies in South Korea, all of which have more than 15 years of history in the traditional mobile and online video game industry.

At present, Era7 has received strategic investment and support from well-known venture capital, industry giants and institutions in the blockchain industry, including Hash key, Huobi Ventures, Good coin, Dual capital, day, Water droplets, Dream Catcher, Bitcoin 12, translucent, with Magic boxSupporters and partners of Era7 are strategically aligned with the vision and mission of the gaming platform, bringing industry experience and necessary valuable connections, positioning Era7 as a cutting-edge trading card gaming platform based on NFT.

Truth Game: Backstory

Era7’s artistic inspiration comes from TCG such as Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering.

The plot of the truth game revolves around the seven major races of the truth continent, and they compete for the title of “king of truth”. There is a group of particularly gifted people in the race. They are sent to the Summoner Academy to receive rigorous training and become summoners after graduation. After graduation, they traveled the world, signed a summons contract with the most powerful of the seven races, and established strong allies to consolidate their power.

Since ancient times, battles between summoners have been carried out in the center of the continent throughout the year. These summoning battles attracted summoners from all over the world to fight for the title of “King of Truth”. The winner was crowned the king of the continent, and he and his race were awarded the highest honor in this land.

Elaine, mother of light, truth game NFT Mastercard

The Truth Game: Trading Card

There are 1,000 carefully crafted cards in total-master cards for summoning and other functions, and battle cards for battle games. Cards have unique values ​​and attributes, allowing players to create a wide range of card combination strategies.

With so many cards with different attributes, the game is random and provides unlimited possibilities for each battle. The large and well-designed card system is based on a complete digital system that supports innovative gameplay.

There is a rating system that divides the cards into 4 levels-common, rare, epic and legendary. The unique MasterCard and Battle Card are also NFT collectibles and can be traded. Combat cards are the basis of combat gameplay-before starting a battle, players must have at least 30 combat cards.

Game of Truth: Gameplay

The Game of Truth is a three-minute battle game designed to use strategic thinking to help players increase their competitive advantage, develop strategies while playing the game, go deep into a lifetime of adventures, and build connections with like-minded players around the world.

The NFT-based trading card game platform aims to become the choice of gamers by providing moderately competitive and fast-paced games. Using their main card, players can summon battle cards to fight in various types of matches, such as PVP (player-to-player), PVE (player-to-environment), daily or weekly missions, real-time tournaments, and fast-paced tournaments . Ranking matches and World Cup matches, as well as other game activities such as betting are being planned. Players will be able to obtain valuable tokens and NFT rewards in the game battle.

The Truth Game: “Play and Earn Economy” Driven by NFT

According to Era7, their first NFT sale is scheduled to be held on December 20, 2021. Master Card and Blind Box contain different card highlights. In order to get the latest news and developments about this highly anticipated NFT sale, players and investors should pay attention to Era7 Twitter with telegraph.

Through GameFi mode, Game of Truth allows ordinary game players to obtain extraordinary economic benefits. Era7 is built around the concept of NFT, such as the gamification of playing and winning, and rewarding players for winning battles.

Both Era tokens and GOT tokens power the Era7 game economy. GOT tokens can be obtained by participating in PVP and PVE, and can also be purchased with Era tokens. Era tokens can also be used to purchase MasterCard, battle cards and NFT mystery boxes, as well as other in-game features such as land purchases, or to gain more community rights when participating in governance voting. It is also a token that can be traded on other cryptocurrency exchanges.

If the player wins in the PVP battle game, he will get GOT tokens and PVP level. A higher rating also allows players to obtain more GOT tokens in battle. Rewards will be paid on a daily/monthly basis.

By incentivizing the game economic model, the blockchain is redefining the traditional game model as we know it, allowing gamers to passively make money while gaining entertainment.

In addition, unlike traditional gaming platforms, players will own their in-game digital items and collectibles. In most cases, these items and collectibles have real-world monetary value.

More than half of the 1 billion Era tokens issued will be used for in-game rewards. In-game event rewards, participation in daily PVP and other tournaments, land promises, and market transactions will be some of the many ways players can accumulate Era tokens.

How Era7 fits into the contemporary global game ecosystem

this Global Collectible Card Game Market Scale It is growing at an alarming rate and is expected to reach US$27.2 billion by the end of 2026.Despite the amazing growth, this is only a small part of the global gaming market, of which Currently $175.8 billionThe rapid growth of the collectible card game market has increased the growth prospects of TCG-based games such as Era7, which brings more innovative ways to provide Play-to-Earn functions for games by leveraging the power of the blockchain.

Even before incorporating NFT into its game structure, Era7 had already established a strong influence in the industry, attracted a large number of Southeast Asian players, and accumulated more than 10 million traditional game user groups. With the NFT-driven play2earn economy now added to its game structure, Era7 has the potential to surpass and surpass traditional trading card games.

You can learn more about Era7: Game of Truth from its official website website, Follow the project Twitter And join the conversation telegraph or Discord.

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