Gal Gadot calls “imagination” videos “not taste good”

in a InStyle interview For the February issue of the magazine, the “Wonder Woman” actress said that this video-which also includes Christine Wegg, Jamie Donan and Natalie Portman singing John · Lennon’s classic song-“It was purely purely intent”, but she admitted that it was “bad in taste”.

Gadot organized this video in March 2020-just when countries around the world entered the lockdown for the first time-and posted it on Instagram with the caption: “We are together, we will tide over the difficulties together.”

This video was immediately met with strong opposition, many people called it “deaf and mute” on social media, and was widely ridiculed in the months that followed.

The former Miss Israel told “Very Stylish” that she now finds the controversy “interesting” and said that since the pandemic has hit Europe and Israel before it reaches the United States, she “sees the direction of everything. But” (Video) It’s too early” This is not the right time, nor is it the right thing. It has poor taste. “

Although the infamous video is well-intentioned, Gado admits that “sometimes you don’t hit the bullseye”.

In October 2021, when she was honored at the Hollywood actress Elle’s Women awards ceremony and took the opportunity to jokingly perform a few lines from “Imagine” on stage, the star stated that she was not afraid to take editing or her Just kidding yourself.

In the same interview, she talked about The upcoming Cleopatra biopic She tells the movie starring in “Very Stylish”, this movie will “celebrate” the story of the Queen of Egypt, and will not only show “how sexy and attractive she is, but also how strategic and intelligent she is, and how influential she is Power still has an impact on the world we live in today.”

However, before the release of Cleopatra, Gadot will play the protagonist in another classic story set in Egypt-Kenneth Branagh’s “Death on the Nile” (Death on the Nile). the Nile) is finally scheduled to be released in February, due to multiple delays caused by the pandemic.

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