Gaddafi’s son allowed to run for Libya’s president

A Libyan court stated that Saif Islam Gaddafi, the son of the overthrown dictator in Libya, could run for president, adding to the uncertainty and confusion surrounding the upcoming polls.

Last week, the Election Committee Disqualified him from the election on December 24 Western governments hope to unite a fragmented country. Several reports quoted Gaddafi’s lawyers as saying that on Thursday, the court in Sabha, southern Libya, accepted Gaddafi’s appeal for his exclusion from the campaign.

The Election Commission declared that Gaddafi was ineligible because he was found guilty. He was sentenced to death in absentia by the Tripoli court in 2015 for war crimes committed during the 2011 uprising when his father Muammer Gaddafi was overthrown and subsequently killed.

The young Gaddafi was captured by the militia in the northwest town of Zintan in 2011 and was held there until he was released in 2017. During the previous regime’s attempt to suppress the NATO-backed uprising, he was still wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

Over the years, the obvious heir to his father, Gaddafi cultivated the image of a modernist Who wants to bring human rights to Libya. However, when the protests broke out in 2011, he warned of bloodshed and was photographed brandishing a machine gun and vowing to suppress the insurgents.

The United Nations and Western governments hope that elections can help a country that has been dominated by militias for most of the past decade and foreign governments use weapons and mercenaries to conduct proxy wars. About 98 candidates have registered to vote, but the Election Commission disqualified 25 candidates, including Gaddafi, last week.

Analysts say Gaddafi is attractive among those who miss the stability after a period of time. Ten years of chaos and lawlessness. He also has a natural constituency in certain tribes and regions, which benefited under his father’s leadership.However, he is a polarized character and hated by many people Those who rose in 2011. The powerful militia in western Libya rejected his candidacy. According to reports, some people even blocked the Sebha court this week to prevent consideration of his appeal.

Other notable candidates include Khalifa Haftar, the strongman who controls eastern Libya, who launched a ultimately failed military offensive in 2019 to occupy Tripoli in the west and seize Control. The other candidate is Abdul Hamid Debebe, Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity. His candidacy violated his promise not to stand for election as a condition of leading GNU, whose main task is to prepare for the election. A court in Tripoli rejected several appeals to disqualify him.

Analysts said that there is still uncertainty about whether the election will be held on time, and some people have warned that if the results of the election are not accepted by the losers, it may cause further turmoil.

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