G7 must act to help tackle global hunger crisis – Germany UN Food Programme

BERLIN, June 25 (Reuters) – The Group of Seven must increase humanitarian aid to help address a global hunger crisis exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, a senior U.N. food agency official in Germany said. Saturday.

The group kicked off its three-day meeting in Bavaria, Germany, on Sunday, amid warnings from the United Nations that the world faces an “unprecedented global hunger crisis” as commodity prices soar.

“Hunger destabilizes a country and is therefore a key peace and security issue,” Martin Flick, director of Germany’s World Food Program, told the country’s news agency RND, noting that food price inflation in 36 countries is now over 25 percent It’s a “time bomb”.

He also reiterated that the World Food Programme may not exceed half of the $21.5 billion it needs this year, so more aid is needed.

Food security is expected to be on the agenda of the G7 meeting after the President launched the Global Alliance for Food Security in May to tackle hunger.

“There has to be a consensus that this crisis can no longer be solved by putting on a plaster, but changing the system,” Frick said. (Reporting by Zuzanna Szymanska; Editing by Emelia Sithole-Matarise)

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