Funeral of 15 civilians held by Indian army in Nagaland State | News

The state chief minister leads mass funeral services and called for the repeal of a controversial law that allows security forces to impunity.

India “wrongly” held a funeral for 15 civilians Killed by its security forces In Nagaland State in the northeast, the security situation is severe and the Internet is occasionally interrupted to quell new disturbances in remote areas.

Security and government officials said that 14 members of the main Konyak tribe and a security soldier in the border state on Saturday “misunderstood” a group of laborers as armed fighters and soldiers. Fire.

Another member of the tribe was killed in protests against the military operation on Sunday, prompting the government to launch an investigation, while police and officials stepped up patrols before the final ceremony.

Hundreds of mourners laid wreaths on the coffins of the deceased and lined up in a row on the public playground. At that time, the chief minister of the state, Nefiu Rio, presided over a mass funeral in Meng County, where the incident occurred.

People attend the funeral of civilians killed by Indian troops in Nagaland on Monday [Fifi Konyak/AP]

“Killing innocent civilians is terrorism, we are Indians, not terrorists,” a nearby placard read.

Indian Interior Minister Amit Shah will issue a statement on the security of Nagaland State in Parliament on Monday. Hundreds of security forces equipped with automatic weapons will continue to patrol the turbulent Bangladesh district.

The Indian army expressed “deep regrets” over the intelligence error, but the residents of the state demanded that its operations be closed and the camps moved out of civilian areas.

The police filed a complaint with the paramilitary forces about this incident, stating that they did not have police guidance and did not ask the security forces to provide guidance.

“So it is clear that the intention of the security forces is to murder and harm civilians,” they said in the complaint seen by Reuters.

Request to abolish AFSPA

In Nagaland State, anger over this incident is rising, and people often accuse the security forces of wrongly targeting innocent locals, according to the “Armed Forces Special Powers Act” (AFSPA).

In addition to extensive search and arrest powers, the law also covers parts of four of the seven northeastern states and India-controlled Kashmir, Allowing Indian troops to fire in areas designated as “disturbed areas” to maintain public order.

Nagaland is protected by law because India says that rebel groups operate in dense jungles in an unfenced area that also spans neighboring Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh, which borders Myanmar.

However, the chief minister of the state called the law harsh and urged its cancellation.

“Today, the whole world is criticizing AFSPA, and now the Nagaland government wants AFSPA to be revoked,” Nefiu Rio said.

In a statement shared with Al Jazeera on Monday, the Rights and Risk Analysis Group (RRAG) called for the “immediate arrest” of the defendant security personnel behind the killing.

“It’s unheard of for the insurgents to ride in a minivan. It’s just an ordinary massacre of civilians. Since the FIR (Police Report) lists the defendant for mass murder of civilians, the law must act in its own way, and the defendant should be responsible for it. The murder was handed over to the police,” it said.

“Justice must be established through rapid trials.”

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