‘Full House’ co-star John Stamos and more remember Bob Saget

John Stamos led the tribute, writing that his former “Full House” co-star was “heartbroken” by his death.

Stamos wrote: “My heart is broken. I am totally devastated. I am totally shocked. I will never have a friend like him again. I love you so much Bobby.”

Candace Cameron Bray, who played one of his daughters in “Full House,” also paid tribute.

“I don’t know what to say,” Bray tweeted. “I have nothing to say. Bob is one of the best people I’ve ever known in my life. I love him so much.”

Comedian Jon Stewart wrote: “Bob Saget…just the funniest and best…”

Whoopi Goldberg paid tribute, writing: “With your huge heart and sad madness, sailing to my friend Bob Saget, my condolences to his daughter and the rest of the family.”

TV legend Norman Lear called Saget a close friend.

“Bob Saget is a lovely guy, he’s funny. In my opinion, he’s funny. We are close friends and I couldn’t love him more,” Lear said in a statement on social media wrote in.

BJ Novak offered his condolences on Twitter, writing: “I have always and will always love Bob Saget.”

Saget, who recently appeared on Novack’s podcast, tweeted: “Loved talking to BJ about The Office, his movie roles, @ThePremise – I love his FX show on Hulu, and more – he It’s so fun and talented.”

Marc Maron recalled Saget on his podcast, writing, “Oh no. RIP Bob Saget. Really one of the best guys, very funny. Very sad.”

Comedy Central paid tribute to the comedian, tweeting: “Bob Saget was a well-loved and boundary-pushing comedian. He will be missed.”

Kate Dennings, The person who performed with Sajit on the sitcom “Raising Dad” called Sajit “the cutest.”

“Oh my God. Bob Saget!!! The cutest man ever. I was his TV Daughter season one and he was always so kind and protective. So sorry for his family,” she wrote.

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