From ‘Goodfellas’ to ‘Dreamland’, Ray Liotta’s Film Character Delivers on ‘Wild’ Promise

lyotta, who die suddenly At the age of 67, started starring in the soap opera “Another World” and has recently been very active on TV and especially streaming. After playing the corrupt cop opposite Jennifer Lopez on the NBC series “Shades of Blue,” which ended in 2018, recent roles include Amazon’s “Hannah” and Apple TV+’s upcoming “Blackbird,” which premieres in July.
Nonetheless, his film work was largely defined in a series of memorable films early in his career, highlighted by Martin Scorsese’s mob epic “Good guy,” And the baseball fantasy Dreamland.

“Wild Stuff” (1986): Lyotard had a breakthrough supporting role in director Jonathan Demme’s comedy-thriller, playing the psychotic ex-husband of a glamorous woman (Melanie Griffith) who casts an ordinary The understandably confused guy (Jeff Daniels) is dragged into a wild adventure. In hindsight, Liotta’s performance was full of threats and strengths, a big commitment to what was to come.

“Dominic and Eugene” (1988): In this sensitive drama, Liotta plays a medical student caring for his brother (Tom Hulce), a mentally handicapped man who is forced to make decisions about his future.

“Dream Harbor” (1989): Kevin Costner listened to a disembodied voice to build a baseball field on his Iowa farm, bringing late baseball star shoeless Joe Jackson (Liotta ) from corn stalks and allowed grown men to cry in movie theaters in a wildly popular film that has stood the test of time. (Except for Major League Baseball’s Recent games are dedicated to it, the “Field of Dreams” series is also being produced for NBC’s Peacock service. )

“good guy” (1990): In a genre-defining film, Lyotard plays gangster Henry Hill in Scorsese’s extremely violent, fact-based observations not wanting to be accused of ridicule.

“Rat Pack” (1998): Liotta takes a slightly different turn in this light-hearted HBO film that portrays Frank Sinatra, at the height of his fame, in Victoria Garth revels — and hangs out with President Kennedy (William Peterson) — and pals Dean Martin (Joe Mantegna), Sammy Davis Jr. (Don Cheadle) and Peter Lawford (Angus Macfadyen).

“Many Saints of Newark” (2021): Revisiting the community of organized crime, Liotta takes on the role of the twin brothers in writer-producer David Chase’s prequel to The Sopranos, which looks at the history of the Moltisanti family, and their formative years. Young Tony Soprano (Michael Gandolfini).

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