French startups bring vintage wines to the NFT market Author: Cointelegraph

Many exciting developments are entering Irreplaceable tokensOr NFT, from Metaverse NFT to fantasy football digital collection card, to monster fighting NFT game.In fact, Cointelegraph Research predicts that NFT sales will A record high of $17.7 billion this year.

But a French startup is taking a more ambitious approach to wine NFT. In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Samuel Baltharm and Yacin Kharroubi, CEO and Chief Product Officer of World Wide Wines, respectively, discussed the logistics of providing French wine on the blockchain. Baltharm is the descendant of the family that runs the Chateau du Rouet vineyard in Provence, which has been in existence since 1840.The project itself is built on Elrond Network.