French fishermen say they will block the Channel Tunnel as a Brexit protest

The Channel Tunnel connects Folkestone and Calais (AFP/Getty Images)

French Fishermen It has been stated that they plan to block the Channel Tunnel in protest against Britain’s refusal to issue work permits to them.

The continuing dispute over fishing rights after Brexit is expected to erupt on Friday and cause more disruption to the UK supply chain.

The Channel Tunnel is an important artery that carries a large amount of freight and passenger traffic between the European continent and the United Kingdom.

In announcing the measure at a press conference on Thursday, Gerard Romiti, Chairman of the National Marine Fisheries Commission, said: “This is a demonstration of the quality and ability of professional fishermen to respond to the British treatment of them. Provocative, contempt and humiliating attitude. .”

The fishermen said that they did not get what they deserved under the Brexit agreement, which says that everyone currently fishing in British waters can continue to do so.

But the onerous conditions for issuing licenses meant that many people seeking licenses were rejected. The authorities requested evidence in the form of GPS location data, and some fishermen said they did not.

In April, fishermen solved the problem on their own and prevented trucks from transporting fish from British waters to processing centers in France.

But the channel tunnel operation will signal an escalation. British authorities say they rely on France — whose government supports fishermen — to prevent tunnels from being blocked.

The French ministers have proposed actions at the national and European levels to resolve their fleets against the British cause.

It is not clear how the fishermen intend to block the tunnel, which has a highly secure area around the entrance on both sides of the tunnel.

Independence Channel tunnel operator GetLink has been contacted for comment on this matter.

When discussing the prospect of the blockade, a spokesperson for Downing Street said: “We are disappointed by the threat, but the French authorities should ensure that no illegal actions take place and that trade is not affected.

When asked if there are plans to avoid shortages of key commodities such as medicines, he said: “We have a very resilient supply chain. Obviously, this is something we will continue to pay close attention to, as we have always done.

“We have developed contingency plans, but I will not go into them in detail here.”

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