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The Supreme Administrative Court has backed the government’s challenge to a move to restart France’s heated debate over Islam.

France’s top court has blocked Women are allowed to wear full body swimsuits At the municipal swimming pool in the city of Grenoble, in support of a government challenge against a move to restart France’s bitter debate over Islam.

The Council of State, France’s highest administrative court, said on Tuesday that “very selective exceptions to the rules to meet religious needs … could affect the normal functioning of public services and the equal treatment of their users”.

The one-piece swimsuit that some Muslim women use to cover their body and hair during the bath is a controversial issue in France.

Led by Mayor Eric Piole, a member of the Green Party, the city of Grenoble changed its swimming pool rules in May to allow all types of swimwear, not just the traditional women’s swimwear and Men’s swimming trunks.

“All we want is for women and men to be able to wear what they want,” Piole said at the time.

Interior Minister Gerald Dalmanin tweeted that Tuesday’s court decision was a “victory against separatism, secularism and other laws, the Republic as a whole,” referring to a crackdown introduced last year ” Islamic Radicalism” laws.

In the summer of 2016, several local mayors in southern France tried to ban the swimwear, known as burkini, from Mediterranean beaches, sparking the first storms around swimsuits.

These restrictions were eventually overturned due to discrimination.

For hygienic reasons (not religious reasons), French state-run swimming pools are closed to burkinis, and swimmers have no legal obligation to hide their religious affiliation when bathing.

Grenoble isn’t the first French city to change the rules.

The northwestern city of Rennes quietly updated its pool code in 2019 to allow “burkinis” and other types of swimwear.

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