Fraser-Pryce is still looking for her Olympic “moment”

Tokyo (AP)-count them Shirley-Ann Fraser-Price: Four Olympic Games, seven medals, including two gold medals.

But will that decisive moment in the Olympics stay with you for a lifetime?

Still unpredictable.

“I haven’t. I think I haven’t,” Fraser–Price Said after finishing second with Jamaican teammate Elaine Thompson-Hara in the 100 meters at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday.

In some way, Fraser-Price, The greatest sprinter she A generation, for some people, the greatest person ever, need not be said. she After the hyped game at the Olympic Stadium, the face did all the conversation- she The last 100 games in the history of the Olympics.

The desperate disappointment was so obvious because Thompson Hera shined ahead of her, winning the gold medal and breaking Florence Griffith Joyner’s Olympic record.

Fraser –Price When will you earn money she I really want to go out with 100 gold, I really want to finally create that “moment”.

Fraser –PriceThe reaction to the finish line speaks for itself.In addition, later as she Set your mind, take a deep breath, answer again and again, everyone is constantly asking she how she Felt.

“Have you ever lost something?” she In the end, it came back to one of the problems. “Yes? So you will definitely be disappointed. This is your first reaction. I have always been an honest athlete. I have always been an honest athlete. I believe, yes, you are disappointed because you did not participate in your Want to participate in the competition.

“The only goal of the athletes line up is to win, but it didn’t happen tonight.”

She confirmed-again many times and asked multiple questions- Tokyo It was indeed her last Olympic Games.

“Man, I am often asked this question,” she said. She repeated: “I did say that this is the last time I will participate in the Olympics.”

She said that she will participate in the World Championship next year in Eugene, Oregon, which is her last season on the track. When all this is over, she will be 35 years old.

Obviously, Fraser—Price‘S Olympic results don’t match she Performance at the World Championships. sheWon four championships in the top 100 of the World Championships.

At the Olympics, she Won 100 consecutive championships in 2008 and 2012, but won bronze and silver medals in the past two competitions.

So, in terms of the possibility of the Olympics, what is left of this? Fraser-Price if sheStill looking she moment?It makes the 200m race in Tokyo, she The last individual competition of the Olympic Games is also the last chance.

Thompson-Herah and many others, almost as deep as anyone in 100, are also waiting in this game.

“I absolutely believe there is something there,” Fraser-Price Say, know she After 100 games, you must now improve yourself.

“From the right perspective, yes, you are disappointed, but you keep going.”

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