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The French president said he was considering opening a joint mission, but ruled out the possibility of recognizing the Taliban ruler.

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday that several European countries are considering setting up a joint diplomatic mission in Afghanistan, but stressed that this does not mean recognizing the country’s Taliban rulers.

Western countries have been trying to figure out how to deal with the Taliban. The Taliban occupied Afghanistan in a lightning-fast manner in August because the US-led army is about to complete its withdrawal after 20 years of war.

Macron told reporters in Doha before heading to his next destination, Saudi Arabia: “We are considering establishing an organization among several European countries…a common location for several Europeans, which will allow our ambassador to attend. “

“This is different from political recognition or political dialogue with the Taliban… We will open up representatives as soon as possible,” he said.

The French President asserted that this move will not mark political recognition or political dialogue with the Taliban.

In a statement after talks with the Taliban a week ago, the European Union said it might launch a mission soon.

“The EU delegation emphasized that the possibility of establishing a minimum presence in Kabul will directly depend on the security situation and the effective decision of the authorities in fact to allow the EU to ensure adequate protection of its staff and premises,” it said.

‘Lack of recognition’

Rob McBride of Kabul on Al Jazeera reported that given the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, the Taliban may “welcome any diplomatic measures that will help them get out of trouble”.

“It’s really not recognized, and the Afghan people understand it. But what’s interesting is that as a member of the European Union, France seems to be not just taking its own actions in setting up offices…but it can help other Europeans to participate. “He added.

At the same time, Macron also praised Qatar’s role in assisting European citizens to withdraw from Afghanistan after the Taliban returned to power after the collapse of the Western-backed government.

The new rulers of Afghanistan called on the international community to grant diplomatic recognition and lift sanctions because they have been working to restore the country’s economy isolated from international financial institutions. Due to decades of war and US-led military occupation, the country’s infrastructure has been dilapidated.

The United States has frozen nearly 10 billion U.S. dollars of reserves in the Central Bank of Afghanistan, and international financial institutions have suspended development funds for the country. This has plunged a heavily aid-dependent economy into crisis. Economists and aid groups warned of a humanitarian disaster.

As winter approaches, aid organizations have warned of humanitarian crises. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) this week described Afghanistan’s “worrisome” socio-economic outlook for the next 13 months.

In Afghanistan, more than 24 million people need life-saving assistance, and this number has increased dramatically due to political turmoil, economic shocks and severe food insecurity.

The United Nations Development Programme predicts that by the middle of 2022, poverty may become almost universal.

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