Four must-visit shops for fashion travelers

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Retro style in downtown Colombo

PR, opened in 2013 by Shanth Fernando’s daughter Annika © Sandun de Silva

In 1987, when Shans Fernando -Known in the international fashion circle for the elegant combination of Dutch colonial design and contemporary Sri Lankan craftsmanship-Opened his first retail store on Flower Road in Colombo. It took locals several months to buy. Now, 35 years later, the household goods and accessories mall Paradise Road (It was transferred to a magnificent old colonial building on Dharmapala Mawatha a long time ago) is an institution. The two-story rooms make up the best treasure hunt. Porcelain and pottery, tablecloths and candle holders, lanterns, vases and photo frames are piled high. There are notebooks bound with batik and silk Du Pioni, as well as cotton sarongs in various tones and patterns (for a wider range-super chic-fashion and resort editing, popular PR, opened by Fernando’s daughter Annika, She designed most of the quotes, 2013).

PR provides fashion and resort editing, most of which are designed by Annika

PR provides fashion and resort editing, most of which are designed by Annika © Sandun de Silva

Accommodation: The Fernando experience extends to Paradise Road Tintagel, a luxury hotel converted from 10 traditional residences. Each space is unique and carefully planned with artworks, antiques and textiles.It’s sitting there Blake, Amsterdam Seven one seven and Hotel Montefiore In Tel Aviv, on our list of true originals. From about £140, Paradise Road

Souk in Sydney

The exterior of the new Lucy Folk store on William Street, Sydney

The exterior of the new Lucy Folk store on William Street, Sydney

Jewelry and fashion designer Lucy Fork And interior designer Tamson Johnson Have been friends for many years. Although they were both originally from Melbourne, they collectively defined a typical Sydney style-exquisite but unresearched. They chose a wide range of influences, always in dialogue with the shapes, textures and tones of the natural world. Therefore, Folk’s new flagship store in Sydney that opened in November was not only designed by Johnson, but also located next to the Johnson store on William Street. This has replaced Glenmore Road as the main lifestyle artery in recent years, which makes sense. In Paddington.If you like Folk’s Greek terry dresses and gowns, or her collaborations with the following brands Luke Edward Hall With Corto Moltedo, the leather worker, this will be a gold mine for you. Johnson lined up the ceiling of the store with Tuareg cushions and covered the walls with a soft cream color. The handmade wooden cabinets were thick in texture, creating a shophouse open-air market feeling completely in line with the folk aesthetic. Upstairs is a custom jewelry design studio, there is also a Medina-style courtyard, where you can drink tea or hang out, and have its own folk curatorial library. If you like ceramic lamps or French chairs from the early 20th century, the Johnson house next door has more of them.

Lucy Folk's flagship store in Sydney
Lucy Folk’s flagship store in Sydney
The new Folk store was designed by Folk’s friend Tamsin Johnson

The new Folk store was designed by Folk’s friend Tamsin Johnson

Accommodation: We have always believed that Lavisis Hotel has the potential to become one of the warmest and stylish little places in the city. The newly renovated room uses ice cream tones and rattan and block printed textiles, which it is now. From about £190,

Art and Design in the Medina of Marrakech

One of the rooms at Philomena Schurer Merckoll's Riad Mena

One of the rooms at Philomena Schurer Merckoll’s Riad Mena © Reed Davis Photography

It’s hard to click on an address in Marrakech because This Worth a trip (trying really bold). But in a place that has developed so much in the past two decades, a relatively new person has found a perfect balance in the joyous hustle and bustle of salons, studios, art galleries, and the medina. Philomena Schurer Merckoll, owner of seven rooms Riad Mena, Open Pink door At the end of 2019 in a three-bedroom space near the riad. The idea is not only to train local talents to create unique designs and works of art, but also to invite people further afield to interpret their impressions of Morocco through ceramics, fashion, photography and photography.More (Schurer Merckoll is one of the first companies to show embroidery Hayamia The tapestry of this talented French artist Louis Bartholomew). You can sit by the fountain and sip champagne while admiring the editing of vintage and art nouveau monographs (most of which are also quietly sold).

LRNCE ceramic by Riad Mena, next to The Pink Door

LRNCE ceramic by Riad Mena, next to The Pink Door © Reed Davis Photography

Riad Mena's courtyard

The courtyard of Riad Mena © Brita Sönnichsen

Accommodation: Right next door-this two-story riad is located in the Derb J’Did area of ​​the Medina. It has a spacious lush courtyard, a rooftop lounge and some of the most stylish rooms in town. From 150 euros,

Knitwear worth a try

Norlha's boutique in Ritoma

Norlha’s boutique in Ritoma

Yak Hulu. Maybe you have heard of it?If not, it should attract your attention—this superfine wool from yak, a distant relative of bison and buffalo, is as soft as the softest cashmere, but warmer—and is 100% sustainable and free of animal abuse. Ten Over the years, Kim and Dechen Yeshi have carried out fair trade procurement and production Hulu They are on mission in Toma, a remote village in the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.This is where they built Nora Studio, Can now be said to be the only prestigious yak wool in the world. The final product is sold to the pantheon of the luxury world, including Louis Vuitton and Hermès; the company employs more than 100 local artisans, most of whom are women.

Norlha coat, £799

Norlha coat, £799

Norlha Nomad Naturals boiled scarf, £361

Norlha Nomad Naturals boiled scarf, £361

Two years ago, they opened a retail boutique in Lhasa to showcase their own designs-not only the shawls and scarves that first attracted international attention, but also the designs of men’s, women’s and children’s clothes that were popular on Marylebone Street. Do it on high tundra. The shop is located on Barkhor Street in Old Lhasa; it surrounds the city’s famous main temple Tsuklhakhang, which is traditionally a place where merchants and pilgrims from far and near gather to barter. With low and gorgeous beamed ceilings and walls alternating with pine boards and crimson paint, the shop is spacious and comfortable, and places extraordinary Norlha merchandise and stories at the center of the exhibition. Peking University

Accommodation: Tibet Songtsam Hotel series provides a small and thoughtful choice for big-name hotels. The 45 rooms in Songtsan Lhasalinka enjoy the hillside view of the Potala Palace. They are beautiful and colorful, blending the traditions of local craftsmen, from wood products to textiles (and equipped with oxygen concentrators to relieve acute mountain sickness). From around £115, Songzan


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