Fortnite adds Spider-Man and Dawn Johnson to Chapter Three

In the promotional image of Chapter 3, Spider-Man and other Fortnite characters are located above the new island of the game.

picture: Epic game

It’s a pity that Nintendo used the slogan “Everyone is here!”for Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition, Because it might be more suitable Fort night. After the end of chapter two yesterday, online games Intellectual property villain Today, the third chapter is restarted, bringing the largest star on Earth: Spiderman.

like Other Marvel heroes In the second chapter, if you purchased the battle pass, the wall climber is now a playable character, and the daily horn is one of the locations you can explore in the game’s new island. (It doesn’t sound like J. Jonah Jameson’s podcast will comment on every move you make. Sadly.) With Spider-Man becoming part of the game’s actor, Chapter 3 introduces the swing mechanism to help you move faster Move, because the game does not allow Spider-Man to swing may not include him at all.

Spiderman is not the only IP added to the game. The Armored Character Foundation, which first appeared in the sixth season of Chapter 2, was dubbed and modeled by Dawn Johnson.Johnson will eventually become the Battle Pass project, along with Marcus Phoenix and Kate Diaz from war machineJohnson revealed his participation in the “End” event in Chapter 2 yesterday, and saw that he was both smooth and in Fortress night, period.With expensive CG cutscenes marking his first entry into the game, it feels like we are getting closer and closer to reality Fort night Movies are one thing. You can watch it in the video below.

Like the last few Fort night Event, it’s really worth watching all this as a narrative film. Even for people who are simply exposed to the game, there is a real sense of end here, because the players watched the Rubik’s Cube Queen and the Pyramid were destroyed, the island was flipped and turned upside down.As a new island is explored, there will definitely be more IPs and weird reality waiting Fort night In the next year or two, the fan base continued to be hungry.


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