Former senior Pentagon official says China is beating us in the field of artificial intelligence

The title is a picture of an article by a former senior Pentagon official saying that China is kicking us in the field of artificial intelligence

Screenshot: Lucas Lopek/U.S. Air Force

A former senior Pentagon official was recently frustrated by the government’s apparent inability to make meaningful progress in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity—he said that if we don’t unite, China may surpass us in these two areas.

Nicolas Chaillan, who served as the first chief software officer of the Air Force, said that the United States is preparing to lose its technological war with us. New favorite enemyChaillan took office in 2018 and hopes to help the government implement new cyber security and cloud plans. However, he claims that the government’s red tape, bureaucratic negotiations, and isolated methods of implementing solutions have frustrated his efforts — and that similar issues are hampering the United States’ ability to remain competitive.

As a result, Chai Lan resigned from his position last month and then wrote a copy of Blog on LinkedIn In it, he basically accused the Ministry of Defense of tripping and hindering his progress.recently interview In an interview with the Financial Times, Chaillan also said that he is worried about his children’s future and that Americans should be “angry” about the state of their country’s defense capabilities: “We have no chance to compete with China in 15 to 20 years. Now, It has been completed; in my opinion, it is over,” he told the media coldly, while also commenting that China is moving towards “global dominance.”

Chaillan currently runs a private cybersecurity practice, and also blames the debate on “artificial intelligence ethics” on slowing down U.S. progress, and told the media that he plans to testify to Congress in the coming weeks, explaining the importance of prioritizing cybersecurity and the development of artificial intelligence sex.

In his speech, Chai Lan joined an increasing number of technical and national security professionals who claimed that China is basically ready Rule the world With its excellent technical capabilities and growing economic strength.There is some debate about whether these concerns are legitimate Or largely exaggerated.

Chaillan’s assertion about U.S. cybersecurity does seem to have evidence—in fact, the failure of the U.S. should now be self-evident. If nothing else, SolarWinds fiasco Seeing a large number of federal agencies being hacked by foreign hackers indicates that the United States’ security standards need to be substantially improved.

As far as the whole artificial intelligence is concerned, the competition between the United States and China points to a severe situation. Arms race Who can make the best killer robot first-a robot like this seems to have made one Skynet-Like the future is almost inevitable.It is also worth noting that Biggest cheerleader This arms race is currently between Google, Amazon and other technology giants. If the government decides to squander new artificial intelligence investments, they will make a fortune.

Admittedly, there is It may be that the United States can use other means to contain China’s rise to evil and world-influencing technological dominance, rather than just trying to defeat them (concept International ban And think of sanctions against non-compliant countries). If Chaillan’s assertion is true, no one in Washington considers these viable, realistic, or profitable solutions.

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