Former Netanyahu aide testifies in former prime minister’s corruption trial

Jerusalem (Associated Press)-a former confidant Benjamin Netanyahu Begin to testify against he On Monday, the former Israeli prime minister received a corruption trial in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu’s former spokesperson, Nir Hefetz, is a key witness for the prosecution and is expected to provide key testimony during the trial. The trial revolved around the following allegations: Netanyahu Fraud, breach of trust, and acceptance of bribes. The former prime minister and current opposition leader denied any wrongdoing.

Hefitz left a long journalism career in 2009 to serve as the spokesperson of the Netanyahu government, and in 2014 he became the spokesperson of the Netanyahu government. Netanyahu Spokesperson and advisor of the family.After 2018 he Arrested in connection with one of them NetanyahuIn the corruption case, Hefitz signed a national witness agreement and provided investigators with recordings of conversations with him. Netanyahu with his family.

his Testimony was postponed a week later NetanyahuOf defense lawyers asked for time to review the new evidence.The information provided last week claims NetanyahuSarah’s wife received expensive bracelets from two billionaire friends, Hollywood producer Anon Mirkan and Australian billionaire James Parker as gifts.

Netanyahu Appeared at the Jerusalem District Court on Monday morning, next to other politicians from the Likud group.

heIs the defendant in three different cases.First claim Netanyahu Received hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts from wealthy friends, including Milkan and Parker.

In the second case, Netanyahu Accused of orchestrated positive reports in a major Israeli newspaper in exchange for promoting legislation, which would harm the main rival of the news media, the free pro-Netanyahu daily.

The third, nicknamed Case 4000, claims Netanyahu Promote hundreds of millions of dollars worth of legislation to owners Israel Telecom The giant Bezeq in exchange for positive coverage of its Walla news website.

exist his Opening testimony, Hefitz said Netanyahu Speaking of “control freak” his Public image, and “his Control and media affairs and his Social media channels couldn’t be better. “

The former prime minister has long rejected calls for resignation from the country’s leadership position. he Indicted in 2019. he On the podium as the Prime Minister, he has repeatedly criticized law enforcement agencies, the media and the courts for “hunting” the “witch” he.

his The trial officially began in 2020, and the country has fallen into a two-year political crisis. After four repeated elections, voters have reached a deadlock on the issue of voting. NetanyahuLeadership and prosecution. The trial is expected to take several years.

Earlier this year, Netanyahu with his The long-ruling Likud group was ousted after uniting to oppose the long-serving prime minister to form a government.

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