Former Broncos, Falcons, Giants coach Dan Reeves dies at the age of 77

Atlanta (Associated Press)- Dan Reeves, Who won Super bowl As a player Dallas Cowboys But the most famous is the long-term coaching career, which includes four losses in the championship game. Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons, Passed away on Saturday. he It’s 77.

A statement issued his Before the family passes Falcon Said Aaron Salkin, Director of Media Relations Reeves Died from complications of dementia.The statement says he “Die peacefully and be surrounded” his Love family in his At home in Atlanta. “

his Legacy will continue to pass his Many friends, players and fans and others National Football League Community,” the family said.

Reeves Is a versatile player who played a key role in the game cowboy become National Football League The strong under Tom in the 1960s Landry, but his Own coaching career-spanning three teams and 23 seasons-yes he Really left his Mark in the league.

Including cooperation with the New York Giants, Reeves A total of 190 coaching victories-ranked ninth National Football League history.but he I have never been able to win the biggest game, with a score of 0-4 in the Super Bowl, and every game with a double-digit advantage.

Reeves, Marv Levy and Bud Grant are the only coaches to lose four times in the Super Bowl.

Dan Reeves As a player and coach, we have left a lasting legacy in our game,” said Falcon Boss Arthur Blank, he fired Reeves from his Last job in 2003. “his The record of success in Dallas, Denver, New York and Atlanta have been self-evident for decades, marking their long and successful lives and careers in football. “

When it was only 37 he Take over as coach Broncos In 1981, Reeves Acquired quarterback John Elway In one transaction, a team was established to make three Super bowl Appearances, won six playoff trips and won five AFC Western Conference titles his Serve for 12 years.

but Denver Never won National Football League Under heading ReevesThe 1987 Super Bowl lost to the Giants 39-20, 42-10 to Washington in 1988, and 55-10 to the San Francisco 49ers in 1990-still the most unbalanced loss in game history.

Despite the failures and painful partings after the 1992 season, Reeves Be remembered deeply Denver,in Broncos induction he Entered their honor ring in 2014.

“coach Reeves Lay the foundation Broncos‘Ten years of dominance in the 1980s and championship tradition in the years to come,” the team said in a statement.Reeves Coached Broncos With integrity, character and perseverance, sincerely appreciate his Players and coaches. “

After quarrel Airway He also accused the star quarterback of colluding with the offensive coordinator at the time (and eventually the head coach) to force change. Reeves Be fired Broncos.

he In 1993, he took over the Giants and led the team to the playoffs his The first season, but that will be his The only playoff game appeared in New York. he Fired after four seasons, but quickly became popular in 1997 Falcon, For the natives of Georgia, it is a feeling of going home.

In just a short time his In the second season, the team had little success. Reeves Leading a team called “Dirty Birds” to a 14-2 record in the regular season is their first time to participate in the Super Bowl.

Rear Reeves Underwent emergency heart surgery, Falcon He defeated the much-loved Minnesota Vikings in the Metrodome’s overtime thriller and won the NFC championship, which prompted the coach to try the clap dance that star running back Jamal Anderson and other players have become the team’s trademark.

“My fellow!” Anderson wrote on Twitter. “I will miss DR, a first-class person, a best coach. My thoughts and prayers are with (his wife) Pam, his family. First of all, a person with a family. Respect and love, RIP coach Reeves!”

Reeves missed the championship again and lost to Shanahan, Airway and Broncos 34-19.

Reeves planned a deal to bring Michael Vic to Falcon And participated in the playoffs for the last time in 2002, when Atlanta became the first away team to win the playoffs at Green Bay.

But Vic was injured in the preseason in 2003, and Reeves was fired after the team won only 3 of the first 13 games.

He ended his coaching career-and spent 39 years uninterrupted in his coaching career National Football League -Recorded as 190-165-2.

Reeves remained in Atlanta after retiring, most notably as a consultant when Georgia State University launched the football project, which is now being broadcast at the Sun Belt Conference.

Daniel Edward Reeves was born in Rome, Georgia, but grew up in Americus in the southwestern part of the state, where he played football, basketball, and baseball in high school.

Reeves attended college in South Carolina, where he served as a three-year starter for the quarterback from the 1962-64 season and also played baseball for the cockfighting team.

Reeves is known for being a runner rather than a passer, and was not selected after college.He signed a free agent contract with the team cowboyAt first, he wanted him to be safe, but eventually let him run back.

Reeves became one of the key players of the team cowboy It was building its own successful franchise, which was later called the “American Team”.

In 1966, he started in all 14 games and led cowboy He rushed for 757 yards and 8 touchdowns.Dallas entered the playoffs for the first time, but lost to the Green Bay Packers in a 34-27 shootout National Football League Champion, missed the chance of the first game Super bowl.

The following season, Reeves rushed for 603 yards and 5 touchdowns, starting again in every game as cowboy Enter the playoffs again. Once again, they were thwarted by the Green Bay team by one win over the Super Bowl. In the last few seconds of the famous “Ice Bowl” game at the cold Rambo Stadium, they lost to the Packers in a touchdown. .

A knee injury in 1968 limited his effectiveness, and Reeves played only a limited role for the rest of his career.but Landry Recognized his Off-court ability requires Reeves to serve as a player and coach, while runners such as Duane Thomas and Calvin Hill assume more prominent backcourt roles.

This cowboy Made their first Super bowl In the 1970 season, he lost to the Baltimore Colts at the last second, but eventually defeated the Miami Dolphins 24-3 the following year to win the championship.

After the 1972 season, Reeves retired as a player and became a full-time assistant to Landry.

As the head coach, Reeves is known for his rough, serious attitude and offensive philosophy that prefers physical running games.But he also coached two of the most dynamic offensive players in the game, Vic and Airway, Despise those who label he As old-fashioned.

and his The distinctive southern procrastination allows Reeves to honestly admit his mistakes, for example when he talks openly about the rift that caused him to leave Denver -And opened a lot of old wounds-in preparation Falcon face Broncos In the 1999 Super Bowl game.

“There is still a lot of damage that will never go away,” Reeves said. “You will never forget those things.”

But Reeves rarely harbors grudges, even members of the media who clashed with him.

In his later years, he was happy to answer the phone to discuss the day’s issues. A reporter once claimed to jokingly said: “Well, what am I doing wrong now?”

Reeves’s wife Pam survived, he was his high school lover; children Dana, Lee and Laura; and grandson and great-grandson. The funeral arrangements have not yet been announced.

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