Foreign Minister Says Cuban Embassy in Paris Was Attacked by Gasoline Bomb

Havana-The Cuban Foreign Minister said late Monday that the Cuban Embassy in Paris was attacked by a gasoline bomb.

The Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez did not provide any details of the incident in a post on his Twitter account announcing the attack. There is no indication whether any damage or injury has occurred.

Rodriguez said: “I think the U.S. government is responsible for its continued campaigns against our country. These campaigns encourage these behaviors and call for violence with impunity on their territory.”

In the past three weeks, Cuban embassies in many cities around the world have been holding demonstrations against and supporting the Cuban government in response to the protests that broke out across the island from July 11 to 12.

Cuba accused the U.S. government of inciting a social media campaign aimed at destabilizing the Caribbean country, which is experiencing a severe economic crisis exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and U.S. sanctions.

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