Ford has begun deliveries of the F-150 Lightning

Ford has already started deliveries . The first customer to approach the electric pickup was Nicholas Schmidt, who lives in the automaker’s home state of Michigan, about F-150 Lightning Factory from Electric cars there last month.

Schmidt tells EVs are replacing gasoline-powered F-150s . Schmidt, who also owns a Tesla Model 3, said he considered buying one and also booked a . He said he would buy one of whichever electric pickup he could order first.After receiving the F-150, Schmidt Cancel His Cybertruck reservation.

Ford said earlier this month that it would begin deliveries of the F-150 Lightning “in the next few days.” While it’s not the first automaker to offer an electric pickup in the U.S. (Rivian started doing so last year), it beats Tesla.

Regardless, it has an edge over Tesla in this market, as the F-150 has been the best-selling car in America for the past four years.Example: received Nearly 45,000 pre-orders Lightning takes just 48 hours.Given that the Cybertruck will not long before Tesla brought the Cybertruck to market, Ford and Rivian had the opportunity to take a significant share of the electric truck market.

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