For Seattle Seahawks star DK Metcalf, training is just “absent-minded”

Although many of his NFL colleagues are planning a relaxing trip In the offseason, But before reporting to training camp, the Seattle Seahawks catcher DK Metcalfe It took eight weeks of training to qualify Tokyo Olympics 100m eventHe finished (ninth) in the 100m race at the US Golden Athletics Games with a score of 10.37 and said that he would consider doing it again to test his speed.

After breaking through the 2020 season, this All-Pro receiver has also been busy with business.Metcalf recently joined Treatment body As investors and their newest athlete ambassador.He will be used to help zoom in Technological health The company’s product lines and services.

“I think today’s athletes have more opportunities to collaborate and invest in more in-depth with the brand. This is really amazing. I am grateful that I was able to join Therabody at an indispensable stage of their growth and be part of their journey. ,” Metcalf said. “I have been able to meet Dr. Jason [Wersland] Recently with other members of the team, I am very happy to be part of a company that is passionate about their mission. I will not invest in a company that I do not fully believe in. “

We talked to Metcalf to understand what excites him and his views on the best sport any athlete can do to ensure they perform at their best.

One or two additional representatives will not be harmed

I mainly do what the coach says, but I always try to do it once or twice in everything we do.I did a lot of high flips, a lot of kettlebell squats, bench presses, curls, triceps, biceps, a lot of small muscles and Conditioning. I also run a lot, and I like to do it. Whatever it is, for me, it depends a lot on my mentality and I am fully committed to it.

Eat clean but balanced

I usually eat low carbohydrates, a lot of protein and vegetables. I have a personal chef who asked me to check my nutrition. Breakfast is usually a vegetarian omelet with bacon and fruit. Lunch and dinner are usually some combination of lean protein (whether chicken or fish) and vegetables.

I love Sweet Baked Beans ——I can eat it every day. But balance is also very important to me. Therefore, even though I spend most of my time trying to eat healthy, especially in the season, I am really addicted to my guilt.

The best sport any athlete can do

If I have to choose one, it is my mental exercise. Mental preparation is an important part of anyone’s success as an athlete. If you ask me, football is 75% spirit and 25% body. Everyone in the game is big, strong and fast, but if you perfect your mental game, you will become a great player. For me, physical preparation is a great help to my mental game, because I eliminate any infiltration doubts or lack of confidence, because I know I have done my best job.

I think no matter what exercise you are doing-no matter it is Strength Training, Running or yoga-if you have the right mindset to reap the benefits, you will get the most from it. The exercise program is so personal and different things apply to different people, but the steps one takes to take care of oneself and prioritize one’s body are so important. However, if you are not mentally, then physical appearance hardly makes any sense.


recover It is such an important part of my daily life because I know how important it is to my performance as an athlete. Therabody plays an important role in this process. It is always the most important around exercise, practice and games, but I also try to prioritize recovery in all aspects of life. At home, I have a hyperbaric chamber, so I will sit there and use Theragun-my favorite area to hit is my hamstring. I like PowerDot because it is a more passive and targeted treatment. I put it on my quadriceps, and electrical stimulation helped me get ready to go out for practice, running, and put my best foot in front. When I just want to relax, whether it is watching a movie or watching a movie, RecoveryAir is my first choice.

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