Fitbit’s Charge 5 tracker is re-sold at Amazon for a record low price of $130

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If you missed the Fitbit during the Black Friday promotion, don’t worry-there are now some big deals to help you stay in shape during the holidays.this Charging 5 Has returned to record low prices 130 USD On Amazon, or 50 dollars less than the usual stickers. If you are looking for a high-end, fitness-focused activity tracker from a well-known brand, this may be a good deal. Inspire 2 is also dead Up to 60 USD (Usually $100) If you are satisfied with the necessities.

Buy Charge 5-130 USD on Amazon
Buy Inspire 2 on Amazon-$60

If you decide to stay in shape, Charge 5 will meet many conditions. Extensive fitness and health tracking features are helpful, especially when you get advanced data from Fitbit Premium. For example, you can optimize your exercise performance and understand the quality of your sleep. In addition to heart rate and blood oxygen level, you can also track your stress, and you will get benefits such as GPS, Fitbit Pay, and multi-day battery life.

limited. Fitbit does not share activity data with Apple Health or Google Fit, and you cannot control music from the screen of your smart device.There is also a competition issue: you can buy from Amazfit, Xiaomi and Amazon itself If you can avoid some decoration, it will cost less (at least in the upfront). However, Fitbit’s experience in this field is important, and the price makes Charge 5 more attractive.

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