Fired CNN anchor Chris Cuomo leaves SiriusXM show

Los Angeles (Associated Press)-Fired CNN anchor Chris Cuomo Said heFalling his Sirius XM Radio show, this is a decision made after allegations of sexual harassment.

Cuomo said on Twitter on Monday: “Although I have a thick-skinned face, I also have a family. The past week has been extremely difficult for them.” He said he is taking a step back and “focusing on what happens next.”

Cuomo was criticized for violating journalistic ethics in trying to help his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, deal with his harassment allegations. CNN suspended the young Cuomo after learning that his behavior was more extensive than previously thought, and then fired him on Saturday.

Chris Cuomo Say he Just want to help his brother.

On CNN and he. The lady who did not want to be named accepted she The allegations to CNN on Wednesday she Lawyer, Debra Katz.

Katz did not elaborate on the alleged behavior, if it happened, it may have happened before Como Joined CNN in 2013. Before that, he Worked at ABC News, the news did not immediately respond to questions about ComoServed there.

Chris Cuomo, Through a spokesperson that the allegations of harassment are untrue. “If the purpose of making these false and uncensored allegations is to see Mr. Como Was punished by CNN, which can explain his Terminate for no reason,” the spokesperson said.

Katz also linked Cuomo’s dismissal to the allegations, saying in a statement, “CNN quickly took action on my client’s complaint and fired Mr. Cuomo. Como. “

exist his Posted on Monday, Como Way of speaking his The time at the end of CNN was “difficult”. he Thanks for the support heReceived from Sirius XM, Como Say thank you his “Faithful listener” and added he Looking forward to “reconnecting with everyone in the future.”

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