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The Finnish customs authorities are looking for brokers to sell 1,981 bitcoins seized in the drug case. These coins are currently worth nearly 80 million U.S. dollars.

  • According to Bloomberg News, the Finnish customs authority announced on Thursday that it is seeking brokers to sell 1,981 bitcoins seized in drug trafficking, and pointed out that these coins have been confiscated to the country by a court order.
  • At the time of writing, the Bitcoin collection is worth $78.75 million.
  • Most of the coins seized are accumulation During the raid before 2018. The Finnish Treasury formulated guidelines for the handling of encrypted assets that year. It prohibits the authorities from storing cryptocurrencies on exchanges and requires them to keep cryptocurrencies offline.
  • Pekka Pylkkanen, Finnish Customs Director of Financial Management, explained that the authorities hope to have a permanent solution to “safely and reliably” sell cryptocurrencies that will be confiscated from the treasury in the future. The customs agency described in a statement:

The main goal of the Finnish Customs is to ensure that cryptocurrencies are sold in a safe manner and prevent further money laundering and criminal activities.

  • The Finnish customs stated that it can sign agreements with up to three brokers to sell the seized Bitcoin, The publication communicated, adding that the agency expects “more cryptocurrency seizures.”

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Image Source: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons

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