Finally, jury gets closing arguments in Johnny Depp trial

FALLS CHURCH, Va. — Lawyers for Johnny Depp on Friday asked a jury to “bring Mr. Depp back to life” in finding his ex-wife Amber Heard guilty of defamation.

Lawyer Camille Vasquez told the jury in closing arguments that Hurd “ruined his life by falsely telling the world she was a survivor of Mr Depp’s domestic violence”.

Depp hopes the trial will help restore his image and revive his career, even as it has turned into a six-week spectacle of a vicious marriage that has cast a shadow over both actors, broadcast in court Cameras have caught fans taking every turn on social media and lining up overnight for the coveted court seat.

In December 2018, Depp sued Hurd in Fairfax County, Virginia, circuit court, seeking $50 million in damages over an op-ed in the Washington Post that called herself a “representative” Public Figures in Domestic Abuse”. His lawyers said he was defamed by the article, even though it never mentioned his name.

Heard filed a $100 million countersuit against Depp after Depp’s lawyers called her allegations a hoax.

In his final testimony to the jury, Depp said he brought the case to tell his story – something he said he couldn’t do until now.

“I’ve reluctantly given my voice to what I’ve been carrying for six years,” Depp testified Wednesday.

In her final testimony, Heard said she had been the victim of a smear campaign orchestrated by Depp since she filed for divorce and that she just wanted Depp to “leave me alone.”

Depp, who said he never hit Heard, made up the abuse allegations to gain an advantage in the divorce proceedings. He said he was regularly physically attacked by Heard.

“There is an abuser in this court, but not Mr. Depp,” Vasquez said.

Heard testified about the more than a dozen physical and sexual assaults Depp committed against her.

Vasquez ended by noting that Heard had to revise her testimony the first time she said she was shot. It is heard that Depp hit her after she inadvertently mocked one of his tattoos. Hurd initially said it happened in 2013 — after a fairytale romance and love affair — but later corrected himself to say it happened in 2012, when their relationship was very early.

“Now in this courtroom, she’s suddenly wiped away a whole year of magic,” Vasquez said.

Jurors have seen multiple photos of Hurd showing marks and bruises on her face, but some showed only mild redness while others showed more severe bruising.

Vasquez said evidence that Hurd groomed some of her wounds proved that all her allegations of abuse were baseless.

“You either believe it all or you don’t,” she said. “Either she was the victim of ugly, horrific abuse, or she was a woman who would say anything.”

During the six-week trial, each side has two hours to wrap up their case. Hurd’s attorneys are due to present their closing arguments later Friday.

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