Fighting between Syrian forces, insurgents escalate in the south

Beirut (Associated Press)-This week, conflicts between Syrian government forces and opposition fighters in the southern province of the country escalated. There were reports of 3 civilians, 8 government forces and 5 on Thursday. Rebel fighters were killed there.

In 2018, Russia reached a fragile agreement between the two parties through negotiations, and violence is one of the most serious challenges.

The UK-based Syria Observatory for Human Rights monitored the war through field activists, saying that Syrian government forces attacked areas controlled by the opposition earlier this week, causing the situation to escalate. Opposition fighters fought back and defeated government forces from some military posts.

On Tuesday, government forces and their allies launched an attack and shelled an area controlled by opposition forces in Dala Barad in the southern region of Daraa province. According to reports, the area is looking for wanted criminals.

The province is known as the cradle of the uprising against Syrian President Bashar Assad, which broke out in 2011 as part of the Arab Spring uprising. It was taken back by Syrian government forces in 2018. Assad has since regained control of most of the country with the help of Russia and Iran.

The agreement mediated by Russia allows some armed opposition in the province to stay in their former strongholds and be responsible for security. The government army retains control of the province, but security responsibilities are divided. Tensions often erupt, and government forces have repeatedly tried to take over areas controlled by the opposition.

The Observatory said that Russia’s mediation since Wednesday has failed to contain Dera’s latest escalation. According to the Observatory, on Wednesday, government forces shelled the only medical clinic in the area.

The Syrian state news agency SANA said that two civilians were killed on Thursday, including a child. The Observatory also stated that eight government troops and five opposition fighters were killed.

The Observatory also reported that opposition fighters pushed government forces back to their original positions and took over some military positions. It said 40 fighters allied with the government were kidnapped. The report cannot be independently confirmed immediately.

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