Fight against boredom with the escalator of death challenge

Over the years, I’ve been posting some crazy challenge For a group of friends I used to train in LA to keep each other motivated. These days, it’s more about battling the tedium that threatens our fitness lifestyle. For over thirty years, I have exercised at least once a day. Maybe you’re the same way, whether you’re a lifelong fitness enthusiast or a fitness novice.

No matter your dedication, sometimes we all know no matter where you train, it can get a little monotonous, which is why I came up with this “escalator of death” ab challenge. Routine is necessary – and grinding is part of what we love!

To avoid boredom, I “test” myself more and more as i get older — I usually try to do some non-daily exercises or small workouts at the end of my weekly training sessions. This series will highlight some of those challenges, point out which muscle groups are at work, and explain their benefits (even if it’s probably just to impress your friends). As always, my “official” advice is to not jump in unless you have experience with the basics!

But just in case you’re crazy like me, let’s get started:

This Week’s Challenge: Core “Escalator of Death”

Main description: Place your shoulder blades on the end of the bench, lift your hips so your heels point toward the ceiling, then lower your feet, with your legs straight, try to hold a slow pace for 10 seconds or more until full extension, then lift and repeat ( If you can!).

Why try this? This is a large-scale test of core strength that can be tried at the end of a workout, or as part of your training if you’re targeting your core.

Where will you feel it: Mainly the core stabilizers (abdomen, obliques, psoas, latissimus dorsi, which attach to the lower position). This pair of traction groups (forearms, biceps, lats, rhomboids, and even your hand grips) is also taxing due to the effort spent grabbing onto the bench and maintaining the position.

How to build this: This is an advanced sport! You can build this strength with a variety of plank exercises, hanging leg raises, and other core exercises. The real challenge here comes from how much weight is on the end of the bench – by putting your shoulder blades on the end, you’re doing a lot of work. You can try the same movement on the mat first, with your hands by your sides. Once you are able to do this then you can try it on a bench with your back and hips on the bench and only lower your legs (so you are forced to drop the weight). Soon you can try the premium version!

That’s it. Enjoy responsibly and have fun crushing your core! Let me know what’s next: @andywhatsnext

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