“Femme Flex Friday” focuses on Dawn Nasta’s recovery

“Everyone should practice recovery.” These words of two-time fitness Olympia champion Whitney Jones (Whitney Jones) are very important to everyone who wants to change their appearance and performance. However, not everyone pays due attention to recovery.A lot of focus is on What happens in the gym and also What pre-workout What you do before they leave, but after the last set is over, plays an important role in the results you can get. Many IFBB professional league players, including Jones, believe that the recovery from the previous training is to prepare for the next training.

This is why this week’s Femme Flex Friday will specifically introduce some of the latest and best ways to recover from training.Join them is Dawn Nasta The founder of Nitrigue Health, he showed the co-host some of the best ways to maximize recovery.

Electronic plus

Wings of power

Nasta started with Electrons plus, a machine that provides pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) therapy. She sits on the mat and sends the frequency through her to the person she is touching, in this case the left arm of FFF co-host Alina Popa. The advantage provided by this machine is that it is very site-specific.

“When muscles are injured, they are locked for the following reasons fatigue, It actually won’t fire at all,” Nastar said. “So what we’re doing is basically like charging a battery. We are trying to get energy from healthy areas and transfer it to those areas, then recharge and let it get some energy and activity. “

Newfit Newby

Neufit Neubie for recovery
Provided by Wings of Power

This machine also sent Current to muscle, But can actually be used during or after training. Nasta demonstrated the machine on Jones to show how to use it to trigger a hypertrophic response.

“Each body part has a specific pad,” Nasta explained when putting the pad on Jones. “This device sends neural signals to the brain at a rate of 500 pulses per second, where it can actually force muscles to relax and lengthen. This is what distinguishes it from other machines.”

Although the machine can be used during a group, it can help maximize recovery after the group ends.

“When she was between her work groups, I set it to 500 pulses per second, basically this would automatically make her recover.”

Ice bath

Alina Popa and Whitney Jones take an ice bath together

Even with newer forms of restoration, sometimes the old school can win out. Ice bath Still in use, Popa tried this strategy for the first time. Nasta shared why this is so successful for athletes.

“The magic of the ice bath is that when you enter the ice bath, it causes all of your blood vessels to constrict. Then when you go out, they open again. Through this process, you can eliminate a lot of metabolic waste. This will reduce Inflammation.” Jones shared that she had used this one week before Olympia.

Compression boots

Alina Popa and Whitney Jones try on compression boots
Wings of power

Last but not least, the co-host and Nasta discussed compression boots and how they can help improve lower body recovery. Jones uses these after an ice bath.

“It helps to circulate the blood again. After the ice bath, I need it because it helps me warm up again,” said the former Olympian champion. Nasta shared other benefits.

“Actually, you can use recovery after strenuous exercise or any time you want to increase blood flow and circulation. This will eliminate toxins and inflammation in the legs. You will get a better definition.”

To learn about all the ways these machines and strategies can help you make the most of your recovery time, watch the full episode of this week’s “Femme Flex Friday”: www.wingsofstrength.net.

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