Fast Company Says Its Apple News Account Was Hacked By Certain Racists

Image of article titled Fast Company Alleging Its Apple News Account Was Hacked by Certain Racists

photo: Rick Maiman (Associated Press)

Fast Company, a business and technology magazine, said late Tuesday that its Apple News account had been hijacked, and hackers used it to send racist notifications to subscribers.

The alert reads: “N*****S licking my anus with my tongue. THRAX is here.”

“Fast Company’s Apple News account was hacked Tuesday night. Two obscene and racist push notifications were sent about a minute apart. The messages are vile and do not correspond to the content and spirit of Fast Company,” the publication said in a statement. said on Twitter. Thrax’s identity is unknown.

Apple News added: “Fast Company sent an incredibly offensive alert that has been hacked. Apple News has disabled their channel.”

Fast Company said it has taken down the entire site in response “until we determine the situation has been resolved”. The outlet added that Apple News itself wasn’t hacked, but Fast Company’s content management system, which allows users to post articles and push alerts.

“To clarify: Fast Company’s Content Management System (CMS) was hacked on Tuesday night, affecting our Apple News alerts,” the outlet tweeted.

Twitter was quickly flooded screenshot A vandalized Fast Company article whose title has been changed to contain obscene content.

This is a developing story.

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