Fans praised Shahrukh Khan’s humility in an old interview

While Telugu star Mahesh Babu made headlines for declaring Bollywood couldn’t afford him before posting various corrections, old videos of Shahrukh Khan explaining why he can’t be part of Hollywood have surfaced online out of the water. It portrays a humble Shah Rukh Khan, listing various reasons why he is ineligible for Hollywood roles. Fans of the actor were once again blown away by his words.

This 14-year-old video shows Shah Rukh speaking to international media at an event. When asked if he had any plans to join Hollywood, Shah Rukh replied: “My English is not good”, causing some people to laugh.

He continued, “If they give me a dumb character who can’t speak, maybe. I’m not trying to be humble, but I’m 42, I’m kind of brown, and I don’t have any special USP as an actor. I don’t know kung fu, I can’t dance Latin salsa, I’m not tall enough. I think anyone my age in the western world, I’ve seen the latest movies in Europe, what you call “DreamWorks” movies, I think I don’t have room. There’s no place for me because I don’t think I’m that talented.”

“So I want to keep working in India and hopefully I can bring Indian cinema to the world, that’s my ambition,” he continued.

Shahrukh Khan

Fans of the actor reacted to the video after sharing it. As one fan put it, “The reason I like this answer is that he also appeals to the West. Kung Fu and Salsa’s comments are very sharp, the West will only accept people from the outside world if they want to make them stereotyped, not Others. SRK knows he’s worth more than that.” Another said, “What a charming guy!!! That’s why he’s a superstar.” Another said: “He just Like the kid in the class who says he doesn’t study well and then gets 95%.” One fan also wrote: “He once said he likes self-loathing a lot, but I know he’s not serious lol, he definitely understands himself Another fan added: “This guy can sell apples to a tree. Omg the way he talks and acts. They don’t call you king for no reason.”

Shah Rukh holds a BA in Economics from the prestigious Hansraj College in Delhi. He also holds a master’s degree in mass communication. He has been awarded the Padma Shri and the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government, as well as the Legion of Honor.

Shah Rukh will now appear at Pathaan with Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. He is currently working on Dunki by Rajkumar Hirani.

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