Fall’s Cleveland shares how she feels confident in her body

Autumn Cleveland is an IFBB Figure Pro, popular throughout her career. Her fan base is loyal because they feel Cleveland is transparent, authentic, and someone who inspires them. Since turning pro in 2018, she has been fighting for several wins. It takes a lot of confidence to do what she does. As she told Indiana native Isabelle Turell on the Fit Rockstar Show, that confidence wasn’t always there, especially in high school.

“I don’t have confidence in my body, I hate my body, and I really don’t know who my friends are,” she told the host. In fact, it was when she took an opportunity with nothing to lose that helped her make the transition. She participated in a bodybuilding show.

“If I stand up and embarrass myself, what’s the worst case scenario? I’m already in a weird place,” Cleveland said. While it felt odd at first for her to be backstage with women at 16, it didn’t take long for her to settle in and get used to it.

“That was where I felt for the first time,” she shares with a smile. “From then on, I was like, ‘This is my home.'”

Now, in her fifth season as a professional player, her goal is clear – to win a game and qualify for Olympia. As many pros do, Cleveland took a long look at herself and realized what adjustments she needed to make after her last game.

“So, I’ve taken time off for the past six months to cover my weaknesses, especially my back. I’ve been working hard, but now we’ve reached the intersection that I’m preparing for, but I want to build it on On the basis of readiness.”

Cleveland’s next gig is yet to be determined, but she’ll likely be in contention for whatever title she strives to win.You can read the full interview with Cleveland and all of the guests Isabel has interviewed, such as Ronda Murray, Nick Walker, and more at www.wingsoftstrength.net. Don’t forget to follow @fitrockstarshow The same goes for Instagram.

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