Falling Wedge Pattern Points To Final Ethereum Price Reversal, But Traders Expect More Pain First

On May 26, the cryptocurrency market was buoyed by Bitcoin (bitcoin) fell to $28,000, while ether (Ethereum) briefly fell below $1,800. The ETH/BTC pair also broke below what traders consider an important uptrend line, a move that traders said could lead to a correction to new lows in ether prices.

ETH/USDT 1-day chart. Source: TradingView

Here’s a rundown of what several analysts in the market are saying about lower prices Ethereum and what it means for its price in the short term.

Price consolidation will eventually lead to wild swings

Independent market analyst Michaël van de Poppe outlines support and resistance levels to watch, he post The chart below shows Ether trading near its lows.

ETH/USD 1-hour chart.Source: Twitter

Van der Poppe said,

“The question will be whether we can bounce back from here and break the $1,940 level. If that happens, I’m assuming we’ll keep paying $2,050. If not, then the market is watching

ETH could make new lows, forming a bullish falling wedge

According to Twitter analyst Crypto Tony, the price of ether is “still finding that leg to load.”

ETH/USDT 4-hour chart.Source: Twitter

While it may look negative, it’s actually a positive sign, according to Cointelegraph contributor Jon Morgan, who noted that the pattern outlined on the chart is a falling wedge, a “bullish standard candlestick/bar. The chart pattern shows that the market has taken this to an extreme and is likely to reverse.”

Morgan said,

“The rate of expectations for creating a sharp corrective higher or a brand new uptrend is very high.”

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Bitcoin dominance rises

ETH/BTC 1-day chart.Source: Twitter

According to economist Caleb Franzen, the ETH/BTC pair lost key support, which is notable because:

“This means that at least one of these statements is true: $ETH is weakening relative to $BTC; $BTC will outperform $ETH; Alts will underperform $BTC.”

add to ETH/BTC discussionTwitter user CrediBULL Crypto noted that prices “started to move lower from some of our local lows.”

ETH/BTC 3-day chart.Source: Twitter

Analysts say,

“Any relief here is temporary until we get to the bottom of the range, imo. In fact, we may go even lower than imagined here before we start the recovery, but once we hit my target, We will evaluate.”

Overall, continued weakness in the ETH/BTC pair has the potential to lead ether and altcoin prices lower, while BTC is likely to remain at current prices or even move higher as traders move from underperforming positions to bitcoin.

The overall cryptocurrency market cap is currently $1.235 trillion, with Bitcoin dominance at 46.2%.

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