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Cameron Monaghan wields the Cal Kestis lightsaber at Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland.

Image: Disney Parks

Walt Disney World and Disneyland will be receiving quite the precious cargo at Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities in Galaxy’s Edge. The latest Star Wars legacy lightsaber is set for release and Cameron Monaghan was on hand to reveal the ware inspired by his Jedi: Fallen Order character Cal Kestis.

Previously, Disney Parks enlisted fans to vote on legacy lightsabers they’d like to see offered at Galaxy’s Edge on both coasts. The Fallen Order favorite won and collectors will soon be able to add Cal’s to their collections: it will be available for purchase on March 25.

Lightsaber closeup

Image: Disney Parks

Originally, this was Master Jaro Tapal’s dual blade, which Kestis went on to mod as his own after it was broken. It was one of the last physical memories he had left of his master. Cal journeyed to build it on Ilum, where Padawans ventured to find crystals and created their sabers before Order 66. In Jedi: Fallen Orderplayers can customize it however they want (single or double bladed). This version is based on when Cal acquires the lightsaber after it was damaged and only able to emit a single blade. You can it switch it up as it comes with a dual lightsaber adapter, so you can recreate the original double-bladed design if you buy an additional hilt.

Lightsaber details

Image: Disney Parks

Currently on display and on sale at Dok Ondar’s are other legacy lightsabers like Leia Organa’s from Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerLuke/Rey’s, and the Maul Shadow saber that looks a lot like the model of Ventress’ redemption weapon, as well as various other Star Warsantiquities. These constantly sell out and restocks are usually limited, which very well may also be the case with the Cal Kestis lightsaber—something to consider if you want to add it to your Star Wars stash and you live near a Galaxy’s Edge location.

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