Facebook’s long-term chief technology officer steps down

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Facebook’s long-term chief technology officer, Mike ShropferThe social media company is responding to the biggest public relations crisis since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and this is the latest high-profile departure.

According to the regulatory documents released on Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s trusted deputy told the company that he intends to resign on Monday.

Another long-time Facebook executive, Andrew Bosworth, head of the company’s virtual and augmented reality department, will succeed Schroepfer.

After the Wall Street Journal, one of the most painful periods in the company’s history was a sudden reorganization. Published a series Cursed reports reviewed by politicians and policymakers.

According to internal documents leaked by a whistleblower, these reports allege that the company made serious lapses in content review and implied that if the results prove to be negative, it would usually cover up internal research. Facebook largely denied these claims, accusing the Wall Street Journal of “distorting” the company’s work.

Facebook shares fell 4% on Wednesday to a two-month low.

in a Post on his Facebook page, Schroepfer, he directly Zuckerberg, Said he will remain in the company for the rest of this year, and then transition to a new part-time role as Facebook’s first senior researcher.

He cited the opportunity to “use more time for family and personal philanthropy” and added that it was “a difficult decision because I like Facebook very much.”

According to regulatory documents, Schroepfer will be “committed to recruiting and training technical talents and promoting the company’s AI investment” in his new colleague’s position. The document stated that the exact date of the transition and the changed compensation terms have not yet been determined.

Exit is the newest in the string High-profile departure From Facebook. The company’s highly regarded advertising director Carolyn Everson and Facebook’s main application director Fidji Simo both left Instacart in the summer. David Fischer, who once served as chief revenue officer, also left this year.

Schroepfer’s successor Bosworth, also known as “Boz”, recently oversaw the launch of Facebook The first pair of smart glasses, Plus a new virtual reality office application.Zuckerberg has Expressed his intention Focus more investment and resources on AR and VR, including building Metaverse, an immersive virtual world inhabited by digital avatars.

exist A statement On Wednesday, Zuckerberg described Schropfer as a great leader, “also a great person and a close friend.”

He added: “Boz will continue to lead Facebook Reality Labs and supervise our work in augmented reality, virtual reality, etc. As part of the transition, some other teams will also join Boz’s team. This is how we help build the meta-universe. The basis for extensive efforts.”

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