Facebook researchers warn of its recommendations to promote QAnon in 2019

Facebook officials have long known how the platform’s recommendations will lead users into a “rabbit hole” full of conspiracy theories. Now, thanks to documents provided by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, we know how clear this photo is.

According to an internal report, in the summer of 2019, a Facebook researcher discovered that it only took five days for the company to start recommending QAnon groups and other disturbing content to fictitious accounts. , Me and the others on Friday.The document titled “Carol’s QAnon Journey” is also in the record cache provided by Haugen to the US Securities and Exchange Commission as part of her .

According to reports, it described how Facebook researchers created a brand new account for “Carol,” described as a “conservative mom.” After liking some conservative but “mainstream” pages, Facebook’s algorithm began to recommend more fringe and conspiracy content. Within five days of joining Facebook, “Carol” saw “groups clearly associated with QAnon”, conspiracy theories about “white genocide”, and other content that researchers described as “extreme, conspiracy, and graphic content.”

In fact, Facebook’s It is fueling QAnon’s conspiracy theories, and other related sports have been known outside the company for some time.Researchers and reporters also recorded Conspiracy theories that were marginalized during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. But the documents show that Facebook researchers raised the alarm about conspiracy theories before the pandemic. Wall Street Journal It was pointed out that the researchers recommended measures, such as blocking or slowing down the speed of forwarding content, but Facebook officials largely chose not to take these measures.

Facebook did not immediately respond to questions about the document. “Since 2016, we have been committed to investing in people, technology, policies, and processes to ensure that we are prepared and start planning for the 2020 election itself two years in advance,” said Facebook’s vice president of integrity. Wrote in a lengthy article. Friday night. In the statement, Rosen recalled what he said about the many measures Facebook took in the weeks and months before the 2020 election—including the ban on QAnon and militia groups—but did not directly address the company’s proposal before QAnon was banned. .

These files were released at an unstable time on Facebook.Already have They filed a document with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, claiming that the company misled investors and prioritized growth and profits over user safety.Since there are now more than a dozen media organizations, censorship may be further strengthened Have access Some of these files.

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