Facebook Messenger’s “shared payment” aims to organize expenses

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Although Facebook Messenger Enter personal finance Not new, I never imagined it as a payment platform.It’s more like an inbox from aunts, uncles and friends When I did not post on Facebook for a while, the high school news exploded.But now it’s getting clearer That messenger If I want to, I will be happy to handle my money.

The Facebook Messenger team provided a sneak peek at it new”installment” Features in News Announcement on Friday. This is basically a way of organizing and paying for your common expenses A friend, roommate, colleague, or anyone sharing the bill with you.Similar to the app Split, Split Payments allows you to create shared expenses, split bills evenly, or modify the contribution corresponding to each person. You can also choose to include or exclude your own expenses.

Once all the information is in the app, you can send a request to the person who needs to pay you in Messenger via Pay on Facebook (Corporate version of Venmo), And transfer it to your bank account.

The Facebook Messenger team stated in a news announcement: “If you have been working hard to allocate (and get rewarded) group dinners, share household expenses and even monthly rent, then things will become easier.”

The company did not provide many details about the split payment. Judging from the promotional images provided, it appears to be designed for Messenger group chats. Person-to-person payment Already possible pass through Facebook Messenger payment, But it’s not clear whether you can use split payment features in these situations, such as splitting bills evenly.

Don’t lie, Facebook’s, or should I say, Meta’s, track record privacy, Data miningAnd, well, Everything else It did not fully motivate me to provide my credit card information to Messenger. In addition, as I mentioned before, Messenger is not positioned that way in my brain.Of course, obviously it wants me to trust it with my moneyBut I have other applications. Multi-factor authentication and excellent customer service are more secure.

Messenger will start testing installment Features for U.S. users next week Will be provided free of charge. No information is provided about when the feature will be available to everyone in the United States or whether it will be launched internationally.

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