Facebook lifts its ban on conservative children’s publishers, Freedom Hero, blamed on “error”

Facebook made a big turnaround after banning the account of Freedom Hero, a conservative children’s book publisher whose work includes Ronald Reagan, Thomas Sowell and Amy Connie Barrett.

Andy Stone, a spokesperson for Meta, who owns Facebook, said on Twitter on Monday that last month’s decision to permanently disable the publisher’s account was a mistake.

“This shouldn’t happen. This is an error, and the ad account has been restored,” Mr. Stone said.

His tweet was in response to a post by Britt Hume, a senior political analyst at Fox, who called the ban “disgusting.”

Bethany Mandel, editor and board member, stated that Facebook has closed the new roll out The publisher’s advertising account’s “disruptive content” of its ads.

The company was formally established in November, but since July it has invested “a lot of resources to build our brand on Facebook.”

“When Facebook closed our account, we lost all the data carefully collected over the past six months,” Ms. Mandel said in a tweet on Monday. “We are unable to communicate with the audience we have established. Our advertising account is permanently disabled. The consequences for our business can be devastating.”

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Freedom Hero said it learned from news reports that the account has been restored.

“Like you, we learned about the’wrong’ from the daily news. No one called us, wrote to us, or explained to us what happened, or how we can make sure it doesn’t happen again. We hope it doesn’t happen again. Yes because we want [to] Create a conversation on Facebook,” said Liberty Hero postal.

The company also adjusted Meta, offering a 10% discount on its subscriptions by using the coupon code “Zuckerberg”, which is a reference to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

A Facebook spokesperson told The Washington Times in an email, “The ad account was mistakenly disabled and restored.”

Ms. Mandel said that the page produced some negative comments on the number of former presidents. Ronald Reagan, Including a post saying that these books should be burned, which may be a catalyst for Facebook’s actions.

“We made some negative comments on these posts, and we think they reported our content. They were triggered by a children’s book that depicts Ronald Reagan As a hero,” she Say. “But this is not their decision. This is Facebook’s decision, and they seem to agree.”

In a message on December 23, Facebook stated that Freedom Hero violated its policy on “low quality or destructive content.” After the publisher appealed, Facebook stated that its decision was final.

“After a final review of this advertising account, we confirmed that it did not meet our advertising policies or other standards,” the message said Post At Fox Business. “You can no longer use this ad account to advertise. Its ads and assets will remain disabled. This is our final decision.”

Ms. Mandel posted an example of an advertisement promoting a book Reagan, gentlemen. Soville, And justice Barrett.

“Christmas is here, it’s the best time to celebrate with your kids. Celebrate family, celebrate freedom, celebrate America,” said the December 9 ad.

The Freedom Hero Project publishes the next biography of actor John Wayne, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and founding father Alexander Hamilton.

These books are designed for children aged 7-12.

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