Facebook AI incorrectly labeled black videos as “primate” content

Facebook apologized after its artificial intelligence put a bad label on a black video.according to New York Times, Recently watched by Daily mail Feature black people and see a prompt asking if they’d like to”[k]See the video about primates. The social network apologized for the “unacceptable error” in the statement sent to the publication. It also disabled the recommendation function responsible for the message because it will investigate the cause to prevent such serious errors from happening again.

Company spokesperson Dani Lever said in a statement: “As we said, although we have improved artificial intelligence, we know that it is not perfect, and we have more progress to do. We may see Apologies to anyone for these offensive suggestions.”

Gender and racial bias in artificial intelligence is hardly a problem unique to social networks-facial recognition technology is still far from perfect, and it often misidentifies POC and women.Last year, false facial recognition matches led to False arrest Two black men in Detroit. 2015, Google Photos mark Photos of black people as “gorillas”, and wired A few years later, it was discovered that the technology giant’s solution was to censor the term “gorilla” from search and image tags.

Social network Shared data set A few months ago, it was created with the AI ​​community in an effort to solve this problem. It contains more than 40,000 videos, of which 3,000 paid actors have shared their age and gender with the company. Facebook even hires professionals to light their shots and mark their skin color, so the AI ​​system can understand what people of different races look like under different lighting conditions. This data set is obviously not enough to completely solve Facebook’s AI bias, further indicating that the AI ​​community still has a lot of work to do.

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