Explainer: How “Twisting” prevents Simone Byers from catching a cold

Tokyo (Associated Press)-Maybe Simone Byers Soaring in the air seems too easy.This is not-the fact is she And other gymnasts who are constantly negotiating with the laws of physics have long understood.

Every leap, no matter how conventional, requires an innate sense of time and space. You have to know how many fractions of a second you need to get your body to do what it needs to do. Equally important, you need to know that you have enough space to do this before you can make a decision in a certain way.

Simone Byers Undefeated for eight years. Gravity is always zero.

Sometime after qualifying in Tokyo Olympic Games On Sunday, the four-time Olympic gold medalist lost she Greatly. she Keep talking she The body twists. It kept saying, “Not very good.”

The “twisties” familiar to the gymnastics world are back.and bile Got it, leader she After the rotation, he withdrew from the team finals and skipped the all-around finals. she Watching in the stands on Thursday as a U.S. teammate and good friend Li Sunisa Won the gold medal.

bile Do not rule out participating in the event finals—— sheEligible to participate in all four games-starting on Sunday.However, even a short break on the playing field did not cure sheIn a series of social media posts on Friday, the 24-year-old provided an in-depth understanding of the “turns and turns.”

So what are they?

“Twisties” are the spins that a gymnast is suddenly unable to perform a particular movement-sometimes even unable to perform any spins.

bile Posted a video-in which she Later deleted- she Dismount on the uneven bars during training. she I have been trying to do 2.5 twists and turns but failed, like she Failed to complete the complete Amanar vault in the team finals on Tuesday night. Shorted a complete turn and took the lead she Quit the game to protect yourself.

“Sometimes, I can’t even understand the distortion,” bile release. “I really can’t understand how to twist.”

she Call it “the strangest and strangest thing.”

Why do they pop up?

no one knows. Not even the greatest ever. Although somewhat sloppy.— by she Unparalleled standards-moments in qualifying, bile Saying “twisted” did not appear until Monday.

sheDeal with them before. The difference this time?They not only affect she In vaulting and floor exercises, it’s just like the past.Now they are tracking she Bars and beams, too.

“To be honest, this is really petrified,” she Wrote, “Trying to do a skill, but not getting your mind and body in sync.”

How long can they last?

It depends on the athlete.for bile, They can stay for two weeks or more, making she The availability of event finals seems to be a long shot at best.

Canada’s two-time Olympic trampoline athlete Rossi McLennan struggled with her own version of the “twist” while training for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. She recovered in time and was on the podium in Brazil, but only if she relearned her skills hard over time.

“All sports have (have) a psychological part, but there is a huge psychological factor in your slip and twisted aerial sports,” McLennan said after finishing fourth on Friday. “When you get lost in the air, this is one of the scariest experiences you can have.”

A horror that has never really disappeared completely.

“It’s with you,” said 32-year-old McLennan. “So even today, you sometimes doubt yourself. This requires a lot of very hard work, a lot of patience, and a lot of support around you.”

Are there other versions of Twisties?

It turns out, yes. American trampoline athlete Nicole Ahsinger, a 12-year-old child prodigy in southern California, contracted a case she called “bouncing shoes.” She will over spin again and again. The ground will become the sky, and vice versa.

At this point, the 23-year-old Azinger became too scared to do a flip, let alone two or more flips, which is a movement required to send athletes to three floors.

“I cry every day,” said Azinger, now 23, who finished sixth in the second final. Olympic Games.

She eventually moved from San Diego to Louisiana to readjust. The “flippies” finally eased, but only after she rebuilt her skills from scratch. bile There is no such time.

What’s next?

The vault and uneven bars finals were held on Sunday. bile Is the defending Olympic vault champion, and she The distressing Yurchenko double gun was launched in May.

bile There are four actions named after she Already in the points criteria for this sport.if she Want to do five, she Need to make Yurchenko double guns Tokyo. Considering the difficulty of the vault and she The current problem, it seems unlikely sheWill try. sheNot a real medal threat on uneven bars-where plum Prepare for an epic duel with Belgium’s Nina Derwael-so it may not be worth the risk.

Beam, she won the bronze medal in Rio, floor exercise will be held later this week. Maybe she has restored confidence in herself and her surroundings in some way.

Big, maybe big.

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