Experts say they hope to pay more for the Christmas tree

Huntington, NY (Associated Press) – Added Christmas trees to the list of items facing shortages and rising prices this year.

Several factors are driving this trend, News Daily Report, Including over-selling during the COVID-19 pandemic during the first Christmas of last year and supply chain issues this year.

Experts say that tree buyers should pay 10% to 30% of the cost of live and artificial trees this year, and there are fewer options to choose from.

“Prices have risen sharply,” John Mollenhof, secretary of the Huntington Fire Department’s hook ladder company, told the paper. “We had to compromise on the type, size, and everything of the trees we got.”

Mohlenhoff said the Huntington Fire Department last year sold out trees in 48 hours during the usual week-long fundraising event. This year, the price has risen by about $5, which is the first time in ten years. The department had to pay higher prices to farms that supply trees in Pennsylvania.

Owner Ed Dart said that last year, Southold’s Darts Christmas Tree Farm sold out mature trees for the first time in 50 years, and also sold many immature trees. This year the number of large trees on the farm has decreased.

Several factors are at play. Experts told News Daily that farmers who were struggling after the 2009 recession planted trees for several years, but demand has been rising in the past few years. It takes eight to ten years for a tree to mature.

Due to supply chain issues, including a shortage of truck drivers, shipments of artificial trees have been delayed this year.

Jami Warner, executive director of the American Christmas Tree Association, which represents Christmas tree retailers, said: “Some major retailers say they now have about 43% of their inventory, and at this time of the year it should be close to 70%.” , Tell this newspaper.

Category manager Andy Pergament told the newspaper that Costello’s Ace Hardware sells artificial trees at 22 locations in Long Island, and its price has increased by 25%. He said that the chain store usually puts Christmas goods in the store before late October, but is still waiting for some artificial trees shipped from China, which were originally scheduled to arrive next week.

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