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Moiraine rode a white horse quickly across the rocky beach, her blue cloak fluttering in the wind.

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The first three episodes of Prime Studios Live-action adaptation Robert Jordan’s Wheel of time The series just arrived last Friday, if you haven’t read these books, it might be…a bit too much.There are many The name to learn and the place to track, as well as the organization, culture, mythology, and jargon In the first three hours of TV shows, all of this was discarded.Thankfully – or perhaps inevitable – Amazon has a substantive guide on knowledge Wheel of time Ready for you.

The good news is: so far, it only covers the people, places and events seen in the episode so far, so if you just want to know when watching the show, there is no danger of spoilers. This is more Good news: Even if you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can view it for free, which means you can read it carefully to see if you’re willing to pay for it. Wheel of time.

Of course, there are brief resumes of the eight main characters, but there is also a surprisingly powerful map showing the locations seen so far in the series, and the timeline of each episode’s events, as a kind of permanent growth “previously in Wheel of time“Guide. The most extensive resource is a summary, divided into myths, organizations, creatures, artifacts, and landmarks. It is very helpful in explaining the pattern of destiny, the relationship between the Taviron that can change it, and the wheel that weaves it. Likewise. , If you have read the original fantasy books, none of this information is likely to be new to you. But unless you take a lot of notes while watching an Amazon show, it’s very likely something You can get rid of it–Just go here And scroll down.

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